10 Lesser-Known Ways That Water Can Be Good for You

Everybody knows that this entire planet is dependant on water to survive, and without it, everything would be completely wiped out rather quickly.

The human body alone is made up from between 55% – 75% of this essential liquid, hence why an absence of water would kill you within days.

Naturally, staying alive is the primary goal of any species. However, it is also this fact which makes it so easy for everyone to overlook all the other healthy blessings that water provides to their existence.

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With that in mind, raise one of your eight daily glasses of H2O and let’s celebrate 10 of the lesser-known benefits of your liquid friend.

1. Clear Headaches, Migraines, and Hangovers

Before you reach towards that medicine cabinet, you might want to try drinking water first. Frequently, the cause of this throbbing agony within of your skull is merely a side effect of dehydration, and so a big glass of H2O could solve the problem in a much safer fashion.

In the case of a hangover, the additional fluid will help your body to flush the alcohol out, and you can substantially prevent the problem by consuming water between each boozy drink the night before.

2. Reduce Muscle and Joint Pain

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When you exercise, you sweat out a lot of essential fluids. This can result in muscle stiffness and soreness as well as leaving you more vulnerable to sprains and other injuries. Lubricate your system by continuously topping up your water levels for peak fitness performance.

3. Avoid Kidney Stones

When your urine contains less fluid than other minerals (such as calcium oxalate, uric acid, or struvite), then crystals may form within the kidneys. These are called kidney stones and are intensely painful to pass through the system.

Keep an eye on your urine, and if its coloring looks very dark or unusual, then drink more water and speak to a doctor if it persists.

4. Lose Weight

There are many studies which have linked water to a healthy weight loss, due to a multitude of reasons. Filling your stomach with water will reduce your appetite without adding any calories.

Water consumption has been seen to raise the metabolism and accelerate fat burning while also encouraging a smoother digestion process. And finally, drinking around two cups of water before each meal has shown positive results for those struggling with obesity.

5. Eliminate Bad Breath

It’s a good idea to get into the habit of rinsing your mouth out after every meal. This simple action will not only help to wash away any old food and bacteria, but will also promote better hygiene between your teeth and gum lines.

As a result, any unpleasant breath smells will be diluted, and that will be appreciated by everyone.

6. Temperature Therapy

Nothing says peace and relaxation quite like a hot bath, which can loosen muscle tension and clear your sinuses out at the same time. There are also many pain-relieving benefits found in using contrasting temperatures, for example ice packs will reduce any injury swelling while an application of heat will increases circulation.

7. Improved Mood

Lifting the mood; image source: pixabay.com

There is not a single part of your person that doesn’t require water to function, and your brain is no different. By habitually hydrating your system, your cognitive processes will function on a higher level, increasing your concentration and energy while decreasing your anxiety.

8. Low Impact Exercising

Going for a jog is known as one of the fastest ways to burn excess calories. However, for those currently suffering through an injury, this high impact activity is simply not an option. In these circumstances, swimming is an ideal replacement.

It will build strength and tone the body in much the same manner, except the weightless environment will be far less traumatic to your aching joints.

9. Reverse the Aging of Your Skin

For reasons of hygiene and hydration, water is the key to maintaining a smooth, glowing complexion.

The skin thrives on moisture to lock in its youthful elasticity, while a regular bathing routine helps to wash away dead skin and harmful bacteria. All of which works together to free you from oily textures, clogged pores, and dry crevices.

10. Save Money

Finally, if there ever was such a thing as a cheap drink, water is generally the economical champion in any situation. What’s more, it’s always relatively easy to find, from bathroom faucets, to drinking fountains, to even falling freely from the sky when nature decides it’s time to rain.

Furthermore, as water features no added sugar or alcohol, it’s the epitome of a healthy refreshment, literally providing your body with everything it needs to survive another day. Why drink anything else?

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