Calories Burned From Exercise Calculator


Use our calculator to calculate the amount of calories your body burns when performing different activities. For example calculate calories burned when walking, calculate calories burned when running, calculate calories burned during skiing etc.

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How to use this tool?

The use of this tool is very straightforward. First, select either imperial (US) or metric system (EU). Select your gender and select desired activity. Enter the duration (in minutes) and input your body weight (in kilograms or pounds).
Lastly, press calculate and result will be displayed below (in calories / cal).


Calories Burned From Exercise Calculator

Select metric / imperial:
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Please note:
You can use this results to plan your diet but keep in mind that this tool is not 100% accurate as it does not take into account your body composition characteristics (muscle mass, body fat percentage, bone density etc).
Results are based on an assumption that you are of average build and have relatively normal body fat percentage.

Click here to see the list of supported activities

Gym Activities

Aerobics, Step: high impact
Aerobics, Step: low impact
Aerobics: high impact
Aerobics: low impact
Aerobics: water
Bicycling, Stationery: moderate
Bicycling, Stationery: vigorous
Calisthenics: moderate
Calisthenics: vigorous
Circuit Training: general
Elliptical Trainer: general
Riders: general (ie., HealthRider)
Rowing, Stationery: moderate
Rowing, Stationery: vigorous
Ski Machine: general
Stair Step Machine: general
Stretching, Hatha Yoga
Teaching aerobics
Weight Lifting: general
Weight Lifting: vigorous

Training and Sport Activities

Archery: non-hunting
Badminton: general
Basketball: playing a game
Basketball: wheelchair
Cycling: > 20 mph / > 32 kmh
Cycling: 16-19 mph / 25.6-30.5 kmh
Cycling: 14-15.9 mph / 22.5-25.5 kmh
Cycling: 12-13.9 mph / 19-22.4 kmh
Bicycling: BMX or mountain
Boxing: sparring
Dancing: disco, ballroom, square
Dancing: Fast, ballet, twist
Dancing: slow, waltz, foxtrot
Football: competitive
Football: touch, flag, general
Golf: carrying clubs
Golf: using cart
Gymnastics: general
Handball: general
Hang Gliding
Hiking: cross-country
Hockey: field & ice
Horseback Riding: general
Ice Skating: general
Martial Arts: judo, karate, kickbox
Race Walking
Racquetball: casual, general
Racquetball: competitive
Rock Climbing: ascending
Rock Climbing: rappelling
Rollerblade Skating
Rope Jumping
Running: 10 mph / 16 kmh,
Running: 9 mph / 14,4 kmh
Running: 8.6 mph / 14 kmh
Running: 8 mph / 12 kmh
Running: 7.5 mph / 12 kmh
Running: 7 mph / 11 kmh
Running: 6.7 mph / 10.7 kmh
Running: 6 mph / 9.6 kmh
Running: 5.2 mph / 8.3 kmh
Running: 5 mph / 8 kmh
Running: cross-country
Running: pushing wheelchair, marathon wheeling
Scuba or skin diving
Skiing: cross-country
Skiing: downhill
Sledding, luge, toboggan
Snow Shoeing
Soccer: general
Softball: general play
Swimming: backstroke
Swimming: breaststroke
Swimming: butterfly
Swimming: crawl
Swimming: general
Swimming: laps, vigorous
Swimming: treading, vigorous
Tai Chi
Tennis: general
Volleyball: beach
Volleyball: competitive, gymnasium play
Volleyball: non-competitive, general play
Walk: 3.5 mph (17 min/mi) / 5.6 kmh
Walk: 4 mph (15 min/mi) / 6.4 kmh
Walk: 4.5 mph (13 min/mi) / 7.2 kmh
Water Polo
Water Skiing
Water Volleyball
Whitewater: rafting, kayaking

Outdoor Activities

Carrying & stacking wood
Chopping & splitting wood
Digging, spading dirt
Gardening: general
Gardening: weeding
Laying sod / crushed rock
Mowing Lawn: push, hand
Mowing Lawn: push, power
Operate Snow Blower: walking
Plant trees
Planting seedlings, shrubs
Raking Lawn
Sacking grass or leaves
Shoveling Snow: by hand

Home & Daily Life Activities

Child games: hop-scotch, jacks, etc.
Child-care: bathing, feeding, etc.
Food Shopping: with cart
Heavy Cleaning: wash car, windows
Moving: carrying boxes
Moving: household furniture
Moving: unpacking
Playing w/kids: moderate effort
Playing w/kids: vigorous effort
Reading: sitting
Standing in line
Watching TV

Home Repair

Auto Repair
Carpentry: outside
Carpentry: refinish furniture
Cleaning rain gutters
Hanging storm windows
Lay or remove carpet/tile
Paint house: outside
Paint, paper, remodel: inside
Wiring and Plumbing

Occupational Activities

Carpentry Work
Coaching Sports
Coal Mining
Computer Work
Construction, general
Desk Work
Forestry, general
Heavy Equip. Operator
Heavy Tools, not power
Horse Grooming
Light Office Work
Masseur, standing
Police Officer
Sitting in Class
Sitting in Meetings
Steel Mill: general
Theater Work
Truck Driving: sitting

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  1. I thought when you exercise it would lower your blood sugar, I was 5-6 this morning first thing,then with out eating I did 45 mins of walking,then I checked my blood sugar again and I was 8-3.


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