3 Factors for Weight Loss

Weight loss is on the mind of a lot of people for reasons like reducing health risks, improving quality of life and looking your best.

There are three main factors in weight loss that you need to consider before starting any fad diet or program, and your physician can help advise you for the best methods to lose weight for your specific case.

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Some health conditions can make it more difficult to lose or easier to gain weight. These include hormone imbalances, injuries and depression or anxiety disorders. Some medications used to treat these, and other, conditions can also pack on the pounds.

When you talk to your doctor about weight loss, he or she is likely to screen for these factors as well as give you recommendations for supplements or programs to try like Xenical buy to block the absorption of fats by your digestive system.


A healthy diet will look different for everyone as the nutritional needs and food availability varies between regions and financial resources are a factor. Reducing the number of calories from fats, sugars and carbohydrates can help you lose weight and choosing a variety of nutrient packed options can help you feel better as you lose weight.

Nutritionists recommend a rainbow of fruits and veggies along with lean proteins, whole grains and healthy fats for each meal. Even changes such as replacing a chocolate and peanut candy bar with a couple of ounces of chocolate covered almonds can reduce the calories while packing in vitamins and minerals you need for health.


When most people think of exercising, they picture hitting the gym or going for a run, but there are other ways to get the workout you need for weight loss. Choosing exercise plans that fit your abilities and personality can help keep you motivated for more.

This can mean taking workout classes for flexibility, stamina or strength, but it can also look like having a dance party or walking to the park with your kids. The more you enjoy the activities that get you moving, the less likely you are to give up. It is important to start at a low level and then build up with exercising as well, doing too much, too fast can lead to injuries and frustration.

Knowing the factors that contribute to your weight can help you design a better program for your weight loss journey. This means consulting with your doctor about your current health and medications as well as determining what products, diet and level of activity are healthy for you to pursue. It also means finding healthy food and activities that you enjoy.


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