Best Cardio Workouts To Aid Weight loss

Contemplating the decision to commit to a weight loss plan can be an overwhelming task, especially when considering just how easy it can be to fall off the ball within the first couple of weeks. However, while determination is key for successful weight loss, it is also wise to start small rather than overdo your regime and find yourself unable to continue.

Rather than starting your weight loss journey with extreme weight lifting and excessive stretches, you might want to consider the effective weight loss benefits that cardio workouts are able to provide. Unlike weight lifting workouts, cardio exercises enable you to take control of your endurance.

The following cardio workouts are best for weight loss.

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Cycling is possible one of the best ways to increase your general fitness abilities without risking extreme injuries. It would be wise to opt for a bike that is best suitable for the specific terrain you will be riding on as there are various different types of bikes. You can consider making use of informative review sites to assess the best American made options on the market.

Including cycling in your day to day life will require a quality bike that won’t let you down and hinder you from reaching your full weight loss potential. Once you have found a bike that’s perfect for you, it would be best to start slow and cycle short distances until you are able to enhance your limits. You should push yourself a little further each day to improve fitness. Depending on your distance and your speed, cycling can help you burn as much as 600 calories per hour.


If you aren’t the biggest fan of cycling, you may want to consider the tranquillity of swimming. While many people swim as a recreational activity, swimming is fantastic for weight loss. You will be able to push yourself to your limits as you develop your fitness to new heights and the activity will not raise risks for extreme injuries either. There are also other water activities that you could consider such as water aerobics.

Water aerobics is perfectly suitable for individuals who are hoping to aid weight loss. What’s more, physiotherapists have been known to incorporate water activities into treatment plans to aid healing and enhance general flexibility. This means that opting for swimming, water aerobics, and other types of water activities will essentially improve your general health while also aiding weight loss significantly. Swimming will allow you to burn up to 600 calories per hour, which means regular participation will effectively encourage notable weight loss.

Jogging And Running

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You don’t have to be a fitness fanatic in perfect shape to enjoy an invigorating morning or evening job. The common activity is often the first that comes to mind when cardio activities are in question.

If you are just starting out, it would be best to invest in a quality pair of running shoes to ensure your feet are able to enjoy maximum support. You will be able to start your jogging cardio with short distances and slowly but surely increase distances by setting realistic goals for yourself. In the event that you suffer from knee issues, it would be best to opt for longer walks as jogging and running may not be the best cardio activity to endure.

Walking will burn up to 400 calories per hour while running can help you burn up to 600 calories, which means it can be as effective as running for weight loss. However, it would be wise to opt for the practice of power walking rather than enjoying a leisurely stroll.

Climbing Stairs

If you live in a home with a staircase, you should take advantage of the cardio opportunity. Even though running up and down your stairs is not advised as this could result in an unfortunate injury, walking up and down your stairs regularly will aid cardio and increase weight loss.

This activity will strengthen your leg muscles and ultimately enhance fitness levels. If you don’t have a staircase in your home, you could consider purchasing a gym step and use it daily for at least 5 minutes at a time. You won’t need any fancy equipment to climb stairs for weight loss.

Jump Rope

Jump robe may be better associated with childs’ play, although, there is a significant reason fitness fanatics such as boxers and other professional athletes have been known to practice jump robe during workout regimes.

All you will need to enhance weight loss is a quality jump robe with comfortable handles. Surprisingly, this activity can help you burn as much as 1000 calories per hour, which means it is one of the most effective cardio workout activities for burning fat. You should start off slow and practice jump robe for 5 minutes and slowly increase your time. This activity will also improve your endurance and general agility.

Importance Of Quality Essentials

Whether you are determined to lose weight through regular cycling or you have decided that jump robe will be most suitable, you should invest in quality essential equipment to ensure your motivation is maintained. The act of investing in gym equipment, a quality bike, or top-rated running shoes will ultimately fuel your reasoning to continue on your weight loss journey.

You should also focus on following a healthy balanced diet and consume foods that are able to provide you with enough energy to make it through your cardio activities. Most of the effort of weight loss is simply the ambition and determination behind it. Therefore, keeping yourself focused on your end goal is often enough to aid weight loss and stay on track with fitness goals.

Committing to cardio workouts will ultimately improve every aspect of your life as these activities are known to improve general sense of well-being, aid mood, decrease stress and anxiety, and improve health significantly. It is also wise to stay committed to your fitness regime even after you have reached your fitness goals as this will ensure you are able to continue enjoying the many benefits of a healthy lifestyle.


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