Stay Healthy – How To Fit A Workout Routine In A Busy Schedule

Life is becoming more hectic by the day, and the buzz can easily make you forget things. One of the first items to be dropped from any routine is your workout. According to research, 80 percent of people don’t workout.

Although we all know how crucial being active is for our health, for some reason, we still tend to push workout at the back, especially if we need to deal with busy schedules.

Work is the number one culprit. After a long day at work, all you want to do is rest in the evening, and sleep the weekend away before your schedule catches up with you. But, a busy schedule should not be the reason why you are not out and moving. If you spend long hours seated, it’s more vital that you squeeze in a workout in your schedule.

No matter how busy your days are, these hacks will help you get the exercise you need.

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Focus on forming the habit

Every habit is formed, and working out is not different. If you are not used to working out during the week, the first thing you need to focus on is forming the habit. Don’t focus so much on how long you work out. Instead, focus on making sure you exercise every day. It’s easy to get overzealous at the beginning of a habit, so be careful you don’t get hurt and eventually discouraged. If this happens, you will abandon the ship and go back to not working out.

Injuries set you back a long time, and by the time you recover, you are not only too careful in your regime, but you are also afraid of hurting yourself again. The best approach is to start with something manageable like a mile every morning before work instead of three miles. Once the habit has been ingrained, you can increase the distance gradually.

Watch your diet

What you eat has a lot to do with how much energy you have during the day. If you are used to eating loads of carbs and junk food, your energy may get lower during the day and cause you to slag. You want to have meals that will keep your metabolism high and your energy up, so you have enough zeal and power to hit the gym or go for a run.

Quick research may help you identify the types of food you need to include in your diet, but a visit to your local healthcare is the best way to come up with a diet that suits you. Type in the phrase “healthcare services near me” on Google and check the local search that comes up. Providers who are serious with their work usually engage a healthcare marketing agency to help them stay visible.

Cater to your needs first

If you hate running, that’s ok. Be realistic and know yourself. If your friend, for instance, has been asking you to join them for a morning jog, you might be shying away or procrastinating because you hate running. One person’s running is another’s weight lifting, yoga, swimming, or dancing. Instead of running, try a spin class and see if it’s something you’d be more comfortable doing. Alternatively, try yoga at the park, swimming, or join a Zumba class where you can get your groove on.

Running an experiment will help you spot what works out for you. Once you find it, stick it out. A workout plan is excellent at helping you maintain momentum. You can do a quick online research or talk to your local gym to help you create one.

Turn daily activities into a workout

Are you used to taking the elevator? Try using the stairs instead. Stairs are a great way to workout, especially if you have to go up a couple of floors. If you are lucky enough to live close to your workplace, turn your commute into your workout. Instead of driving to work, walk, or use a bike. Besides giving you the much-needed exercise, it will also save you some money and save the environment.

Do you take the bus or train to work? Get off a stop before your regular stop and walk the rest of the way. Alternatively, look for parking a few blocks away from work and walk the rest of the way. If you decide to go with any of these ideas, you will need to wake up early, so you have enough time to ride or walk to work. Cleaning your house is also a great way to get your blood pumping. Pick up toys, run after your toddler, vacuum, and mow the lawn as often as you can.

Make it fun and not a chore

Everyone hates chores, and if you feel your workout is more of a chore than a fun activity, you are likely to struggle. One way to make it fun is to have music during your workout. Play something you enjoy and workout to the beat will keep you motivated to get up the couch.

If you love sports, you can play basketball or beach volleyball with your friends. Take your dog for a run or ask your spouse or friend to join you for a hike or jog. The more you enjoy working out, the easier it becomes for you to commit. You can even sign up for a marathon with your friend and compete to see who does better.

We spend a lot of time waiting for the microwave to ding and food to be ready. This is the time you can use to sneak in a workout. Get your lounges, squats, and burpees instead of chatting on your phone or watching TV. It may seem silly, but the time we spend waiting adds up to more than an hour a day. You don’t have to wait to clear 15 minutes or an hour to get your workout done. With a few of these tricks, you can exercise and maintain your busy schedule.

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