How Long Does it Take for Antibiotics to Work

Antibiotics effects kick in a couple of hours after ingestion. However, it takes days for a person to actually feel better.

The tricky part is that some patients after they start feeling the effects of the medicine terminate the therapy. This can lead to recurring infections and antibiotic resistance. It is essential to complete the therapy according to doctor’s orders.

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How long it takes for antibiotic to work depends on type of bacteria, severity of the infection, and location of the infection.

What to do next

Once a doctor has prescribed you antibiotics, all you can do is wait. But, there are some things you can do to help your body fight the infection and heal. For instance, rest. Take some days off because your organism has to direct all its energy to your immune system, and you running some errands will not help. Also, drink a lot of fluid.

If after a couple of days, you still do not feel better, or your symptoms get even worse, contact your physician and tell them your concerns.

According to scientific studies, a shorter period of taking antibiotics works just as well as the conventional therapy duration. However, this does not mean that you should stop taking the drug when you start feeling better. The research has been conducted on patients who suffered from pneumonia in both hospital and non-hospital settings. One group of patients received antibiotics for ten days while other only five. Both groups were cured and did not experience recurring infection.

New information discovered in that research helped medical professionals prevent antibiotics resistance. Also, shorter period of taking antibiotics reduce negative effects on the good bacteria in our bellies.

Another factor that impacts the time required for antibiotics to work is the location of infection. If the infected area is brain, bone, or heart, it will take longer for the medicine to work, than if you have a sinus infection or pneumonia.

In summary

Antibiotics usually kick in a couple of hours after ingestion. However, even if you start feeling better a few days after starting the treatment, do not stop taking the medicine. If your symptoms are no longer present, that does not mean that the infection is also gone. Take antibiotics exactly how your doctor prescribed. If after a couple of days you still do not feel better, contact your physician and inform him about your condition.


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