Apple Cider Vinegar 101

If you are just hearing about apple cider vinegar and it’s benefits, welcome aboard! The truth is, people have been using it for centuries.

It’s made from apple cider that has been fermented which creates probiotics and enzymes that promote good health.

It’s benefits are undeniable and are multiple, as well. Here are just a few.

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How to Use it

Drinking it straight isn’t the best idea, but you can add it to so many things. Add it to a beverage, if you like, or diluted with water. You can use it in cooking, baking, salad dressings, and as a topper for your fries.

As a topical, you can use it straight or diluted with water. The odor of the vinegar will dissipate so if you use it full strength, the smell won’t linger. You can also take ACV in capsule form to get the benefits without the flavor.

Help With Weight Loss

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Apple cider vinegar can actually help boost weight loss by acting as appetite suppressant. It also seems to interfere with the digestion of starches in the body, so fewer calories actually enter the bloodstream.

Use it in your favorite recipes, as an aperitif before you eat or as a digestif after a meal. It has zero calories, so use it liberally.

It also has a desired effect on belly fat, reducing it as one loses weight over a period of time. It’s always best to avoid foods high in fat, sugar and calories, as apple cider vinegar is not a miracle cure-all. But it does help.

Heartburn and Indigestion

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The ability to balance the pH balance in your digestive tract, stomach and throat will ease the pain of indigestion and also aid with digestion. Heartburn is caused from not enough acid in the gut, so adding some will relieve the symptoms.

It can help to sooth a sore throat, as it soothes your sore raw throat and also kills the germs there, to stop the infection from spreading.

Heart Health

Lowering your cholesterol is another thing that apple cider vinegar can do. This is always welcome, as heart disease is a big problem.

Regular use can also lower your blood pressure. It’s also been shown to have a major improvement for those with diabetes. It works by stopping the carbs from entering your system and lowing the blood sugar levels.

For Hair

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Mixing apple cider vinegar in water to rinse your hair after washing it will strip off all the old build up. This means  shampoo and conditioners, hair gel and spray plus the smog and grime we pick up throughout the day.

It’s also works on dandruff. Use in your shampoo or as a rinse before shampooing to rid yourself of dandruff flakes. It works to combat fungus and will also restore your scalps natural pH balance.

For Skin

Uses for skin are plentiful, as well.

Bath ~ Add about a cupful of vinegar to your bath water to restore the pH balance of your skin.

Facial Toner ~ Why spend a lot of money on toners for your face when the vinegar will do the same thing. Just moisten a cloth or cotton swab and wipe your face with it. Don’t rinse it off, it will tighten your pores.

Sunburn Relief ~ By restoring the pH balance, a cool bath or washing down the affected areas with diluted vinegar will relieve the pain and redness.

Bruises ~ Soak the bruised area with a cotton ball full of vinegar to shrink the swelling and promote your circulation and healing. Soak the cotton ball and tape it right over the bruised area for a an hour or so, to get the full effects.

Bug Bites ~ The acids in the vinegar will take the sting and itch out of the bite and also sooth the area and stop it from swelling up.

Also works on poison ivy and other stinging plants.

Foot Odor

Soak your feet in water and apple cider vinegar to kill the fungus on your feet, shrink your pores and take care of the nasty foot odor.

Vinegar for Health

There are many health benefits to using apple cider vinegar and cost is just one of them. Why have multiple bottles of expensive lotions and creams when one bottle of vinegar can take care of so many of those issues for you.


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