Does the CBQ Method Program Really Work? Review of a Sceptic

This is a guest post by Tania S. We inform our readers that the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to the author.

My name is Tania, and I recently turned 65 years old. I started smoking when I was 14 without being aware of its consequences. Everyone was doing it back then. My husband and I are now happy non-smokers using a method I never expected to work.

I compiled this review of Nasia Davos and the CBQ method to inform and possibly help other smokers who have been smoking for as long as I did and who have doubts and skepticism holding them back because that’s precisely where I was at.

For most of my life, I was smoking more than a pack a day, around 20 to 27 cigarettes. Sometimes more. I never considered stopping for real. Never thought I could go a day without my smokes. I knew that smoking was bad for me. I knew it was progressively destroying my breathing, but I never had any major health problems, and I never had children, so quitting was never urgent for me.

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In all honesty, I’ve always wanted and wished to quit smoking, but never made a serious attempt to quit. I always believed it was hard and not worth the effort, at least not at the moment… but my views started to change when I learned about the CBQ method.

How I Learned about the CBQ Method

I first came across the CBQ method when my husband decided to quit smoking and apply that method. I don’t know how he found it online but it made sense to him. He had been smoking for 52 years, and when he previously tried to quit with NRT or Chantix, he always relapsed before the 3-month mark. We called it the 90-day curse. Even though I was trying to be supportive by not smoking around him he caved in and asked me for a puff or went to the store and bought his brand.

When he told me he wanted to try this method and buy a program online, I must say I discouraged him. He tried to explain it to me but I was a bit weary as we’d been scammed before online. Before getting to know Nasia, I was not sure how a young-looking lady with a Greek accent could help us.

We wanted to know how the program is from the inside and how does it work. So we searched for other reviews online about Nasia Davos and the CBQ method, and it all seemed legit. We posted on a couple of forums and found that people were sharing their experiences, and most people seemed to be satisfied.

My spouse decided to purchase it. He told me that he knows he can quit with this method. He said he was ready to try because if he succeeded, then that would be worth all the money in the world.

The 60-day success guarantee that came with the CBQ method program definitely helped to put our mind at ease. Right from the start Nasia and her team said that if you complete the program and you don’t quit, you can get a refund.

But still, I had my doubts. Could this work? How? I was skeptical about us buying a program online. I wasn’t entirely sure this could work.

How my skepticism and disbelief were overturned

My hubby purchased and joined the program. I never expected him to finish the program, but he did. I thought he would relapse at the 3-month mark, but 11 months passed and he didn’t. I thought he would lose his temper, but he didn’t.

It seemed to have worked well for him. He was happy, he wasn’t struggling with his cravings anymore, he didn’t care that I smoked around him. I got really curious.

I started thinking that maybe it’s not that hard to live without my smokes. Maybe it’s nice to be a non-smoker. Looking at my husband who seemed happy made me want to be a non-smoker as well.

I didn’t want to be the only smoker in our household! I didn’t want to be left behind.

So I thought I’d give the CBQ program a shot from his account. I had nothing to lose.

How I Quit with the CBQ Method

I went through the course slowly and steadily. In the beginning, I doubted myself but I watched all the videos and kept notes about everything.

As the days were passing by, I was feeling better and better. Happier, stronger healthier and more capable. I truly understood why I was smoking and that enabled me to detach myself from my habit. My desire for my cigarettes was decreasing more and more throughout the program.

In the past, I thought it was impossible to have a glass of wine without smoking. But when I did it, I thought “That wasn’t hard at all!”

Admittedly, the CBQ program has a lot to take in but you can finish each module whenever you want to, and you can ask for help. I for one took a couple of days to complete some lessons, but it only helped me understand them better. I am happy I did this for myself as the program benefited every aspect of my life. I’ve read other people saying that the program helped them with different areas of their life and I was surprised to find it was true.

So that’s my personal experience and review of the CBQ method. My spouse and I had been smoking for over 50 years, and it still worked for us. Even though I was skeptical, I ended up loving the CBQ program, and this method was a godsend. Hopefully, this my story can help others as well that are in a similar situation as I was.

Author Bio:
Tania S is a natural health advocate, former smoker, fitness after 50 enthusiast, and contributor and member of the Healthiack community.


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