Helpful Tips To Kickstart Your Weight Loss Journey With The Keto Diet

If you’re considering the keto diet for weight loss, it’s essential to know what to expect from the eating plan. Unlike most weight loss diets, the keto diet does not restrict healthy fats but carbohydrates instead. With this, the body transitions into a state of ketosis and then begins to burn fat for fuel instead of carbs.

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The keto diet has benefits to offer outside of weight loss as well, like improved blood sugar levels, better type 2 diabetes management, and reduced risk of heart disease. But entering a state of ketosis does come with a few symptoms, like keto-flu, bad breath, mild dehydration, and constipation. These symptoms are generally relatively mild and do clear up in a couple of weeks. Once the symptoms clear up, your mood will improve, and your appetite will decrease.

Nevertheless, these tips will help you kickstart your weight loss journey without cutting healthy fats from your diet.

Stock Up On The Right Foods

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The best way to stick to any diet is only to keep recommended foods in your home. This way, you’ll only have these options on hand. So, stock up on keto snacks like olives, pickles, cheese sticks, cold meats, beef jerky, and nuts. Next, browse a few keto recipes to stock up on ingredients for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Prep Your Meals

Meal prepping is another tip that can make following any diet a lot easier. Meal prepping can help you save time and money as well. While you are prepping your meals, you’ll be able to balance food groups and ensure each meal contains enough of the proper nutrients.

Get Rid Of Carbs

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When following the keto diet, you’ll need to restrict your intake of carbohydrates. So it’s best to get rid of all carb temptations in your home. Foods that contain carbs are milk and yogurt, bread, cereal, pasta, rice, starchy vegetables like potatoes, cakes, pastries, and sugar.

Prepare For The Keto Flu

It’s not guaranteed that you’ll experience keto flu, but it’s still best to prepare anyway. Switching to this eating plan can sometimes cause nausea, lethargy, headaches, muscle cramps, brain fog, and insomnia.

If you do experience keto flu, drink a lot of fluids, get plenty of rest, and take electrolyte supplements. Remember to visit your doctor to discuss your symptoms if they don’t seem to ease up.

Pair The Keto Diet With Exercise

As with any weight loss plan, you’ll need to pair the keto diet with routine exercise for long-lasting weight loss results. With this, it’s best to avoid strenuous exercise while you are combating keto flu. But as soon as you have transitioned to ketosis, it’s recommended to maintain a regular workout routine.

While the keto diet is an effective way to shed a few inches from your waistline, this eating plan is also a bit easier to follow than most because it does not restrict high-fat foods. Instead, it recommends healthy fats and restricts carbohydrates.


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