Can CBD Help With Weight Loss?

Please note: the use of cannabis for medial or recreational purposes may be illegal in your country. does not encourage the use of this substance.

As Cannabidiol (CBD) has been significantly rising in popularity, more research supporting its claimed benefits has been emerging.

Many of these health claims include helping to improve physiological processes such as mood, appetite, memory, focus, anxiety, pain, and much more.  CBD is gaining much attention for this because it is a natural health treatment alternative. This has caught the attention of many individuals that are into fitness and healthy lifestyles.

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Research has shown that adding CBD into your daily routines with healthy habits and exercise may help you with losing weight.

The Science Behind CBD and Losing Weight

When CBD enters an individual’s body, it works with the endocannabinoid system in order to help with weight loss. The endocannabinoid system interacts with different compounds by having CB1 and CBD receptors throughout the body. CBD is shown to stimulate your body’s natural cannabinoids to block off or activate the CB1 and CB2 receptors.

This is what helps a person with weight loss because it may play a role in metabolic functions. Many individuals turn to products like full spectrum CBD oil or CBD gummy bears to get CBD into their body. Other CBD products include application methods such as inhalation, sublingual, edibles, and topical creams.

Helps Reduce Appetite

Reducing appetite is one of the ways CBD may help with weight loss. A study in 2018 pointed out that the CB1 receptor antagonists can control appetite by reducing it and preventing obesity.

This is a result from agonists of the CB1 receptor deactivating the receptor. CBD does not shut off the CB1 receptors, but it helps other molecules block them off. Even a study from 2012 on an animal found that CBD reduced the appetite for rats. In this two week study, the rats were injected by CBD daily at doses of 1.1 and 2.3mg per pound, which lead to significant losses in weight.

Browning of Fat

When it comes to fat, there are two different kinds. White fat is bad and brown fat is good, which has shown it has the ability to burn calories. White fat is responsible for storing and supplying energy while cushioning organs. It is also associated with chronic illnesses.  Brown fat creats heat by burning calories.

A study in 2016 showed researchers discovered that CBD plays many parts in how the body interacts with fat. CBD played a big role in converting white fat into brown fat and even helped break down fats more efficiently.

Breaking Down Fat

A study from 2018, has shown that CBD may melt away fat by breaking it down to eliminate it from the body.

When white fat is being turned into brown fat, it changes how cells act in an individual’s body.  Brown fat burns off energy as heat, which means it burns calories.

Reducing Risk of Metabolic Disorders

Over activating the CB1 receptors in a person’s body fat tissues can lead to obesity and metabolic problems. CBD plays a role in helping to block off the CB1 receptors, which in turn, helps reduce risk of obesity. There was research done recently that shows CBD’s influence on metabolic factors in animals.


With CBD increasing in popularity as a natural alternative wellness treatment, more research has been showing its huge benefits.  One of the benefits is its possible ability of helping to reduce body weight. Obesity happens from poor health habits, diet, and exercise. CBD has shown it may help with reducing appetite by blocking the CB1 receptors from causing a person to overeat.

Obesity and other chronic conditions are linked to white fat, which is the bad form of fat.  CBD has also shown it can significantly help convert white fat to brown fat, which is the good type of fat that helps burn calories. Much of the research behind this has been performed on animals and human research is still limited.




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