Tips on Having Enough Breaks at Work

Sometimes our daily life is constantly keeping us busy, and you might find it hard to have time for a lunch break, let alone sports! Worklife is challenging and demanding, but having breaks now and then helps to endure the hectic lifestyle.

We have put together some tips to help you schedule breaks into your day and enjoy them.

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Try Microbreaks!

The traditional nine-to-five workday with its routines does not fit the modern work life. A break is seen as a process where you move to a separate ”break space.”

A lighter microbreak can mean only closing your eyes and letting your mind wander to relaxing places for a couple of minutes. It can also include light physical exercises such as stretching or lifting dumbbells.

A Nap at Work? Why Not!

Napping at work is not a new thing, but only very few workplaces have implemented it. Nevertheless, people working from home can easily take a nap on the couch or their bed.

The benefits of even a 15-minute nap are plentiful: the stress on the brain decreases, and productivity improves. After a nap, you feel refreshed and ready to continue working!

Go for a Stroll

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Refresh the workday by going out. Strolling in the outdoors helps you think more clearly and see the work tasks from a fresh perspective. You could also ask a colleague to walk with you around the office block, but at home, you can combine it with a useful chore, such as taking out the trash or fetching the mail.

If you feel lazy, even a pop to the balcony can do miracles, trust us!

Stop to enjoy for a minute

Work is not always fun and games, so it can be good to focus on some enjoyment. During a 20-minute break, you have enough time to watch a short episode of your favourite tv show, play a round of GGPoker Bonus online poker or learn a new language with Duolingo. You might even want to grab a book and relax your eyes from all the stress caused by staring at a screen all day.

Reminder Apps Help You

There are several reminder apps for PC, Mac, and smartphones designed to help you keep breaks during the day. Some of them even include instructions for short exercises you can do during the breaks, while others mainly focus on only the reminding.

Quality apps such as StandApp, Awareness, and Break Time are great examples. You can schedule a regular and systematic timetable for yourself which will help you get the most out of the apps.

Forget Constant Email Checks

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If you get notified of all incoming emails, switch the notifications off. All they do are distract your thoughts – and this, of course, applies to all phone notifications. Forget checking your mail every five minutes, as this will only create the false feeling of being busy and result in an uncontrollable hassle. It’ll be good to simplify your digital work environment. For example, is your desktop full of icons, or are the same tabs open month after month? Clear them out and clear your mind!

Feed the Brain

Snacking is a familiar habit of keeping going throughout the workday. It might not be the best way, but the brain and body need the energy of the snacks. Concentrate on healthier choices such as nuts, dried fruits, and legume-based snacks.

They are especially beneficial because of their good fats and therefore excellent for the brain. Don’t forget to drink enough water too!

It’s All About the Basics

Most of the things related to breaks are basic. Some of us want to keep fit by exercising heavily after work, but even the benefits of working out can go to waste if you don’t look after yourself during the workday.


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