Non-obvious Tricks To Live A Sober Life

We all know how to drink and how to get high in a short time. This feels so good that we want to do it again and again until this poison destroys us completely. Combinations of alcohol and different drugs like meth, heroin or prescribed painkillers give illusions of self-control. When we get sober, we face the real world as it is. And it’s not always comfortable.

Once you decide it’s time to live a sober life, you should be ready for this. And you should realize that you will see a completely different picture of the world that you saw it when you were high.

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However, you can learn to live a sober life and we’ll help you with this. We advise you to have rehab hotline free number in your phone contact list to get support whenever you need it.

Want to be sober? Have fun without alcohol

Fun and laughter are very important moments in a person’s life. They give rest to the brain, they also distract thoughts from everyday worries, thereby strengthening the nervous system, preparing it for new chores and worries. But laughter and fun are only useful when they occur with a sober person. There is no drunken fun and cannot be in the scientific and rational understanding of this state.

A drunken “fun” is nothing but arousal under anesthesia, the first stage of anesthesia, the stage of excitement that surgeons observe every day when they give the patient other drugs (ether, chloroform, morphine, etc.), those that are in our way action identical with alcohol and influence the body the same way as alcohol does.

This stage of arousal has nothing to do with fun and after it, there is no rest for the nervous system. On the contrary, instead of rest, oppression sets in with all the consequences (headache, apathy, weakness, unwillingness to work, etc.). That is never observed with sober fun.

So alcohol is not a friend, but an enemy of fun. It nullifies the time that a person takes for fun and relaxation. Instead, he or she gets a headache and weakness. In the same way, alcohol works for fatigue. A day off is given to a person so that he or she can both physically and mentally rest and set to work after resting with new strength, with a new desire to work.

Meanwhile, alcohol taken on a day off deprives a person of normal rest. There’s only the illusion of relaxation, and in fact, all the fatigue not only persists but accumulates, even more, making Monday a “difficult” day, since the nervous system does not get any rest due to alcohol.

In all such cases, alcohol acts as an evil deceiver. If you feel that it’s too hard to resist, you can always call addiction helpline and get assistance.

Find out about a 12-step recovery program

The most important thing here is that we all believe that there is some kind of greater force than we are ourselves. The program is practically accessible for any addicted person, regardless of age, education, social status, or religion. It allows you to look at the essence of the disease (addiction) and on yourself, analyze your interpersonal contacts, helps to know and enrich the potential of your own Self, and also provides guidelines for achieving sobriety.

Sobriety in Community AA is understood much more broadly than abstinence itself since it implies a different altered way of thinking perceiving oneself and others, as well as the ability to live and function. The goals formulated in the “12 steps” are implemented by individual members of groups differently, and the “steps” only offer a sequence of analysis of their own experiences and experiences and the achievement of change. You can contact the drug help hotline to find out about the nearest organization that offers this program.

Try joining a 12-step recovery program

“12 Steps” program determines the direction and stages of the process of psychotherapy and allows you to eliminate the signs of the disease, as well as achieve positive changes in the state of health and behavior using psychological means. The most competent people in this area are specially trained counseling therapists, formerly addicted people who have not been drinking for several years and are members of the AA Community.

he “12 steps” program after a small adaptation has found implementation in hundreds of groups. You should pick up the one that is close to your beliefs and views. Calling helpline on addiction recovery number will help you once or several times while the program will let you feel good for a long time.

Don’t drink no matter what

Even seventeen years later. Why? Unfortunately, many do not understand what alcohol is. And people make many mistakes because of this misunderstanding. A chemical substance, according to the classification, when it enters the human body, changes its mood and consciousness.

How much of this substance will be enough is not determined. For a person who was previously addicted, it is enough to drink some alcohol drops several times like Valocordin or Barbot to break the spell. This can never be done.

A drop of ethyl alcohol is getting on the mucous membrane, through taste buds sends information to the brain about the state when this person was high and felt good. This information immediately engulfs you. Your memories, your feelings, emotions, and anticipations. It’s a very terrible problem.

Get ready for a long journey

You should be aware that addiction doesn’t disappear in a day or so. You will live with it for the rest of your life and you will never forget about those dark days. You should remember about drug information hotlines to have someone to support you in case of an emergency. We hope you will never have to call them and live a happy sober life.

You will have much time for yourself and you’ll find out a lot about your inner world. That is great as you may detect a large number of talents and find hobbies that you will love. Participating in a 12-step program will give you a chance to live a happy life, find your strong sides and learn to see and feel the world a new way.


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