What to Expect from Indica and Sativa Cannabis Strains

Please note: the use of CBD for medical or recreational purposes may be illegal in your country.

When you’re trying to experience specific effects from cannabis products, understanding different strains can be crucial. Out of the three subspecies of cannabis available: Indica, sativa, and ruderalis, only sativa and indica appeal for providing the effects users are looking for.

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Knowing what these effects are might allow you to choose the most appropriate strain for your needs. Read on to learn more about indica and sativa cannabis strains and their suitability for your unique situation.

What to Expect from Indica

Many people ask, ‘What’s the difference between sativa and indica vapes?’ when browsing their local cannabis store to ensure they buy the right product. Some people may find that indica strains suit their needs better, while others swear by sativa. Indica is a faster-growing cannabis strain that gets its shortened name from its scientific name, Cannabis indica. Compared to sativa, it usually has more CBD and sometimes less THC. Often, people purchase sativa cannabis goods to experience some of the following effects:

Pain Relief

There are plenty of ways to relieve pain, but people often use indica cannabis for this purpose. Many people believe indica has sedative effects and can possibly reduce inflammation to provide relief from chronic pain. Both prominent cannabis strains are still being studied for their pain management effects, but we might see more robust information about their efficacy for pain in the future.

Improved Sleep

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Many people struggle to achieve a peaceful night’s rest but don’t want to use sleeping pills to assist. Instead, they explore indica products to relax their body and mind enough to fall asleep.  Research is still in their infancy, but one small study provided insight into cannabis’s potential for sleep benefits. Fifteen out of 38 patients were able to stop taking their prescription medication, and 71% reported a subjective sleep improvement.

Reduced Nausea

Nausea related to chemotherapy and some illnesses can be hard to manage. However, a study published in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology stated that more than 96% of participants experienced nausea relief within an hour of consuming cannabis products.

What to Expect from Sativa

Sativa is a tall and thin cannabis plant that generally has more THC and less CBD than indica. People who seek out cannabis sativa products are often expecting to enjoy some of the following effects:

Enhanced Appetite

Going through chemotherapy or living with an eating disorder can wreak havoc on people’s appetites. Studies are looking promising for cannabis sativa to increase food cravings and intensify food’s sensory properties.

Improved Mood

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Everyone feels down occasionally, but not everyone wants to use antidepressants to make themselves feel better. That’s why many people reach for cannabis sativa products. A neurobiological study found that THC is an effective antidepressant at low doses. However, managing dosages can be necessary since the same study found that it might worsen your mood at high doses.

Lowered Blood Pressure

There are many ways to naturally lower your blood pressure, such as losing weight, exercising, eating well, and limiting alcohol and salt. However, you might also notice a positive change in your blood pressure with cannabis sativa. A blood pressure monitoring study found that older adults with hypertension experienced a reduction in their 24-hours systolic and diastolic blood pressure values after using cannabis for three months.

Indica vs. Sativa

While there’s potential to enjoy many desirable effects with indica and sativa, the products you choose come down to personal preference. Some people enjoy the energizing and uplifting effects of sativa, while others enjoy feeling more relaxed and sedated with indica.

Knowing what to expect from products you’ve never tried before won’t always be easy. However, you might be eager to learn more about cannabis sativa and indica when there’s potential for you to experience some of the effects above.



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