What is Hair transplant, Cost , Advantages and Disadvantages

About 635,000 people across the world do a hair transplant each year, and the tendency is growing year by year. Hair transplant is a technique to restore hair to get rid of baldness, make it denser, change a hairline growth, and hide scars.

The hair plantation is performed on the head, beard, mustache, eyebrows, etc. Both men and women can do this procedure. This operation is minimally invasive, almost painless, and no hospital stay is necessary.

The world’s success rate for hair transplantation is pointed no less than 90%. It means that at least 9 out of 10 hairs take root after their implant.

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How is hair transplant processed?

Hair transplant is performed mostly applying FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). It is a safe, painless procedure that causes no scarring. FUE operation captures such steps:

  1. A patient stays under light anesthesia.
  2. A doctor takes follicles from the donor’s zone and unites them into grafts.
  3. The grafts are placed carefully in the bald zone. About 3,500-4,000 grafts may be transplanted per 1 operation.
  4. The procedure lasts 6-8 hours.
  5. A patient returns home or to a hotel and twice visit a doctor after the procedure.
  6. The result is visible in several months.

Pros and cons of hair transplant

Hair transplant like any other operation has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s consider them starting from positive sides.

Advantages of hair transplant:

  • Perfect lifetime result. After the procedure, a person gets rid of baldness, become confident and attractive. The result is preserved for a whole life.
  • The procedure is fast (it takes 3-8 hours depending on the case).
  • No admission. A patient can return home just after a hair transplant.
  • A person is anesthetized during the procedure, so has no discomfort.
  • No scars. After the procedure, no visible traces are left.

Disadvantages of hair transplant

  1. Result is not immediate. The first result is visible in 5 months, the final one — in 8-10.
  2. Recovery makes some time. The first 1-2 week, a patient needs to wear a special bandage or hat, follow strict doctor’s recommendations.
  3. The price. In some countries, the hair transplant cost may be not affordable, so patients have to look for the procedure abroad.
  4. No insurance coverage. Hair transplant is considered a cosmetic procedure in most of the cases, so patients need to pay it themselves.
  5. Not always suitable for women.

Before a hair transplant, you need to have a consultation with a doctor.

How much does hair transplant cost?

Hair plantation prices are ranging un different clinics and countries. We have collected information on the cost of hair transplant in Turkey according to Bookimed data, an international platform to search for medical service across the world.

The lowest cost of hair transplant is in Turkey, India, and Western European countries (Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine); the highest — in the USA, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, etc. The difference is caused by general price policy within a particular country and a number of medical centers where the procedure is available. The quality of the procedure remains at the same level.

The price of hair transplants in Turkey ranges between $1,500-2,200, in India — approx. $1,500, in Ukraine — $1,800, Poland — $3,500. The price in Germany is approx $4,500, in South Korea — $6,000, Switzerland — $9,000, the USA — $10,000.

While choosing a place for a hair transplant, also count travel and accommodation charges to arrange a cost-effective travel for hair transplant.

Hair transplant is an effective way to get rid of problems with baldness or imperfect hairline forever. The prices for hair plantation are getting more and more affordable each year due to the competition among cosmetic clinics. So, you can choose the most beneficial option and change your life.



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