Hair Transplant and It’s Key Benefits on Your Overall Health

Hair loss has long been a mystery to a lot of people. Treatment to hair loss that actually works for everyone still remains elusive. And at times, the offered solutions pose dangerous health risks and side effects.

However, all of that can be finally addressed through hair transplantation. It’s a surgical technique that removes hair follicles individually from the back of the scalp to the balding or bald part of the scalp.

Hair transplant works wonders and it can give you essential health benefits. We’ve listed down the important benefits of hair transplant to your overall health.

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Eliminate Balding

Hair transplant is by far the most effective way to eliminate balding. It’s a permanent treatment to hair loss. No more topical hair growing solution or any over-the-counter formula that poses more dangerous side effects than actual results. No need for pills or supplements that may just become toxic to your liver.

Hair transplant is a straightforward procedure and it’s guaranteed with no side-effects. Certified professionals at Vera Clinic have performed the procedure with 100% success rate. Hair growth will be gradual and new hairs will look almost the same as your old hair strands.

There are different methods of hair transplant depending on your hair growth needs. Below are a few examples of these methods:

  • Hair transplant by Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
  • Hair transplant by Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
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Hair transplant is not just limited to your head, but it can also address the needs of some parts of your body, such as facial hairs and eyebrows.

Look Younger

Having a full, healthy hair can bring back the youthful look in you. After all, your hair is your crowning glory. A successful hair transplant is your next step to looking younger and regaining back your confidence.

Hair transplant can’t tangibly make your face look a few years young like plastic surgery. But growing your hair back can definitely make you look younger than being bald.

Regaining back your confidence can significantly improve your social skills. At the same time, you won’t have to shy away from meeting people or talking in front of an audience because of your bald appearance.

Feel Positive

The overall feeling of growing your hair back can have a great positive effect on your well-being. This is a great benefit to your overall health. Not only will you feel confidently great, but you will also start to think more positive. In addition, the benefits of having a successful hair transplant can significantly eliminate the following adverse health and psychological problems:

  • High stress levels
  • Low sex drive
  • Low self-esteem
  • Loss of confidence
  • Low productivity
  • Alopecia
  • Depression

Having an overall positive feeling impacts your body and your outlook in amazing ways. It translates to a healthy body with quick physiological responses. Furthermore, your positive outlook translates into productivity. Overall, the positive feeling you’re going to get from a successful hair transplant can bring you a quality life.

Potentially Alleviates Migraine

Studies have shown that hair transplant can have a dramatic effect on migraines. Bald patients who have undergone hair transplantation have a significant improvement to their migraine after the procedure. England’s Dr. Savet Ors concluded that hair transplant can become an alternative migraine treatment to bald patients.

Moreover, there are other added benefits to this new study aside from treating migraines:

  • No more painkillers and migraine pills.
  • No more sleepless nights caused by head-splitting pain.
  • Permanently get rid of the unbearable pain of every migraine attack.
  • Save money from painkiller maintenance.
  • No more recurring doctor visits.
  • No more laboratory tests to understand migraine causes and triggers.

This study brings a new milestone to migraine treatment. It’s revolutionary. A lot of bald people can now turn to hair transplant as a primary solution to treat both hair loss and migraine. There’s actually no need to turn to any medicines that have negative side effects on your overall health.

Knowing all of these overall health benefits of hair transplant, it’s best that you consider hair transplant as a permanent solution to your hair loss. It’s the most convenient, most natural way to treat hair loss. The key health benefits that you can get from a successful hair transplant outweighs the cost of the procedure. On top of that, hair transplant is the most cost-effective long-term solution that truly works.


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