Syracuse NY Hair Replacement: Signs You May Need To Get A Hair Transplant

If you’re from around Syracuse, New York, you’re at a very advantageous position, especially when you’re trying to find health and medical services. Out of the many that reputable clinics all over town can offer, one of the services that are sought after by those who need it is a hair transplant.

When you’re suffering from hair loss, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution or approach to solving your problem.

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But when a dermatologist recommends a hair transplant for you, you could trust that this is, indeed, what’s best. If this procedure interests you this early on, click here to get a hold of a reputable clinic in Syracuse that can also enlighten you more about what a hair transplant is, and what it can do for you.

Have you recently wondered whether not you’re the right candidate for a hair transplant? If so, these signs will give you that affirmation.

You’re Unhappy With Your Hair

Do you feel bothered by your loss of hair? If it doesn’t affect you that much, then you’ve got nothing to worry about. But, if your hair loss has caused you some emotional and psychological stress, then a hair transplant procedure is right for you. There’s no more need for you to suffer the ill-effects of your lack of confidence, now that this solution is made available to those who need it.

The goal of professionals performing a hair transplant is to bring you back to your old level of confidence and happiness with your look. Whether you’re a man or a woman, whatever area it is that you need a hair transplant on, the specialists will be able to do this for you.

You’re Aging

For most people, hair loss comes with aging. Generally, this begins when you’re around forty years old. While there are young people who also start to experience hair loss, a hair transplant isn’t highly recommended yet, particularly if they’re still at the growing phase. But, once you’re older, or entering the older population, then you’re a good match for a hair transplant procedure.

As you age, it’s easier for your doctor to identify your specific hair loss pattern. For a successful hair transplant, this is necessary. But, the identification of this pattern is difficult when you’re younger, as naturally, hair grows back to the affected area.

Your Hair Loss Medications No Longer Work

This section applies to you if you have previously been prescribed and have been taking hair loss medication in the past. Perhaps these still previously worked for you. But, you may have noticed now that this isn’t the case anymore.

If this is so, then go ahead and ask around about hair transplants. You don’t have to tire yourself over and over again with temporary solutions that work to no avail, and may even be more costly in the long run.

Your Hair Loss Is Permanent

For some patients, their hair loss is only temporary. Sometimes, excessive shedding of hair can be due to factors such as stress, hormonal changes, and biological factors. But, if your doctor has positively told you that your hair loss is permanent, then it’s worth investing in a hair transplant procedure.

For instance, you may have been diagnosed with male pattern baldness. Another sign of permanent hair loss could be the fact that you’ve also been suffering it for at least five years now.

FAQs About A Hair Transplant

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Will The Hair Transplant Leave Any Scars? 

No. When the hair transplant is done accurately and well, it shouldn’t leave any scar. Your hair transplant should look as natural as possible.

How Long Can I Go Back To Work After The Transplant?

If you’re a busy working individual, you’ll also want to decipher how long it is after the transplant that you can go back to work. The dressing can be removed at least two days after the procedure, so you’ll be back on your feet, out and about by then. But, for vigorous activities like sun exposure and exercising, it’s better to wait it out for at least a week.

How Long Until I See Results From The Procedure? 

It’s wrong for anyone to promise you immediate results. You have to wait it out a little bit longer before your new hair is going to grow into the transplanted follicles. Typically, this wait can go from weeks to months. But, it’s always worth the wait.


For both men and women, their hair is their crowning glory. When you start losing your hair, it’s normal to feel as if you’re losing a big part of you. After all, the hair can also make or break your entire look, thereby also affecting your confidence.

Luckily, reputable medical clinics today are now offering a permanent solution to all your hair loss problems, through a hair transplant. If any or all of the signs enumerated above speaks to you, then that’s a definitive yes for you to go and have a hair transplant procedure performed.



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