The Top 3 Reasons You Should Keep Your Gums Healthy

A lot of people pay a large amount of attention to various parts of their body such as the skin, heart, or lungs, all of which are very important but tend to ignore some other parts such as the gums.

In order to obtain overall physical, mental and emotional health, it is important that we take care of all the parts of our bodies, including the gums. The following are a few reasons that state exactly why we should do so. Moreover, to get you started on your journey on dental care, it is best to visit a dentist.

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1. In order to prevent infection and inflammation

Gum care goes hand in hand with proper teeth cleaning and care. This is based on the fact that lack of regular cleaning of teeth can consequently have adverse effects on the gums. When an individual does not regularly brush or floss, they obtain a sticky layer or deposit on the teeth known as plaque.

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Acids from plaque lead to the breaking down of the tooth enamel, bad breath, tooth decay and eventually cavities. Excess buildup of plaque leads to the formation of a substance known as tartar, which leads to the infection of the gums.

The buildup of tartar beneath the gums causes them to get irritated and inflamed. This inflammation causes the gums to get red and puffed up and they may eventually bleed when brushing.

2. In order to prevent formation of periodontal disease

Inflammation of the gums, if not treated or addressed, will lead to the formation of a worse ailment known as the periodontal disease. In this case, the excess buildup of bacteria around the gums leads to the release of a large number of toxins.

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The toxins and bacteria cause the gums to pull away from the teeth leading to the formation of spaces known as pockets. These spaces are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria to thrive.

Moreover, the bacteria can enter the bloodstream through the infected gum tissues and contribute to the development of diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

3. In order to prevent loss of teeth

Bacteria that cause gum disease can do more damage than just lead to the inflammation and infection of the gums. The bacteria and toxins emitted from the same feed on the tissue that connects the teeth and gums. This loosens up the teeth and eventually, the teeth may have to be removed.

This is not only a blow to an individual’s physical oral health but also a blow to the person’s emotional health and state. Having a perfect set of teeth and gums goes a long way in boosting an individual’s self-confidence.

Unfortunately, however, the loss of teeth will cause people to feel insecure about themselves and they may shy away from smiling in photographs and in public. It is thus best to keep our gums healthy and in order to feel good both physically and emotionally.

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