Lose Weight and Regain Your Sex Life

It’s not surprising the number of people who suffer from body insecurities. A person’s weight is likely to be one of the biggest vulnerabilities they suffer.

This insecurity can lead to many additional issues, like unhealthy eating habits and low libido, when their weight might already be causing some serious health issues, like diabetes and depression.

When a low libido is something you experience, it’s not the end of your sexual prowess. There are several ways to lose weight and get back the sex life you deserve. Let’s talk about how weight loss and your sex life have a more significant connection than you think.

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Weight Loss and Sex Drive Connection

If you’re asking if these two are connected, the answer is a resounding YES! Carrying around that extra weight can make you feel less desirable and lead to you not wanting to engage in sex for that reason. You might even find yourself turning down your partner’s advances.

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Your hormones are also working against your sexual desires. Testosterone is one of the hormones responsible for getting you in the mood whether you’re a man or woman. In most cases of obesity, this hormone is lower than average which explains why you probably don’t feel like getting frisky.

Losing weight alone will produce side effects that alter your attitude about having sex. According to Insider, there are three main benefits of weight loss to regain your sex life:

  • Increases sexual desire in women
  • Enhances sexual performance for men experiencing erectile dysfunction
  • Increases overall confidence

From Dysfunction to Function

Even though shedding a few pounds can increase your libido, it may not immediately assist men who experience erectile dysfunction. Depending on the amount of weight you are working off, you might experience stronger sexual desires without the usual physical symptom. That’s normal!

While you continue working out to reach a healthy body weight, consider trying another type of stimulator. Any Google search will yield multiple Viagra coupons and prices for you to look through.

Remember, deciding to use a supplement like Viagra doesn’t mean you’re always going to need it even after you’ve continued losing weight. Being able to be sexually active during your weight loss process can become a motivator to stick with your journey. Ask your doctor about taking Viagra if you have any questions.

It Gets Better

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Weight loss doesn’t only help you get in the mood easier; it can make sex even better than what you’ve experienced before! You’ll notice the physical and psychological issues you had around sex will start to vanish.

First, many of the medicines that are prescribed for diseases that can accompany being overweight list lack of libido as a side effect. Once you can get your health back on track, you may be able to get off those prescriptions. Weight loss doesn’t cure some diseases, but things like hypertension or heart disease can improve with exercise.

Second, as you gain more body confidence, you might find yourself more attractive and be willing to give in when your partner initiates sexy time. Heck! You might even start initiating it.

Third, the market of sex positions will open up, and some of them are way better pleasure-wise than missionary. Do your research on different sex positions you’re excited to try out as your become physically able to. You will likely notice that you have higher stamina, so sex doesn’t have to last only a few minutes if you want to keep going.

Don’t wait until you’re at your goal weight to do the mattress mambo with your partner. Here are some sex positions to get you started as you discover and explore more.

Always Be Safe

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At the gym, there’s signs and tips for staying safe. Just like with working out, you want to make sure you’re staying safe in the bedroom. Your sexual awakening doesn’t require taking unnecessary risks.

As you’re losing weight and gaining confidence, you might feel more inclined to get sexy with someone quicker than you usually would have. Being more open to different sexual experiences means you might be at a higher risk of contracting an STI. Men and women alike should keep condoms handy for these times to prevent catching a disease.

For women, consider asking your doctor about different birth control methods. Since you’re on a weight loss journey, mention that so your doctor can discuss options that won’t inhibit the progress you’re making.

While you’re regaining your sex life, be aware if anything feels uncomfortable or weird. This includes side effects from sex position and supplement. If a sex position is causing pain, disengage immediately, so you don’t hurt yourself.  If you’re uncertain about a supplement, you’re taking or why a sex position is uncomfortable, schedule an appointment with your doctor to inquire further.

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