10 Things You Must Know About Health Insurance

There are good days, and then there are bad days. There are days when our bank balances are at the top of their game and then days when we are broke. There are days when we wake up thinking that today we will conquer it all and then somewhere we do not want to get out of bad.

The point is that nothing is guaranteed. Every rise has its fall. This is applicable to health too.

You never know when you are going to fall sick or when something bad happens. Nothing is guaranteed. You go out in your car, but you do not expect to be in an accident, do you? You never intend to fall down on your own, do you? Nothing is planned, which is why you can never know when you need medical aid or some surgery. This is why it is better to be always prepared and have health insurance.

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This is why you must contact health insurance companies as soon as possible. Such insurances cover medical expenses. They have your back when you undergo any surgery. They have your back when you need expensive treatments. They ensure that you undergo necessary procedures to get back your health again. However, before signing up for health insurance following are ten things you must know about health insurance.


Getting health insurance is not a mere task job. There are a lot of different rules and regulations and conditions that you need to keep in mind. There are also some catches in this agreement. This is where the age of factor comes in. There are a lot of different plans that health insurance companies offer. Each plan has a set of different limitations. One of these is that of age. Not every plan is applicable to every age group.

There are different criteria for different steps. Some insurance plans are not given to people over the age of 25, or some are not given to people under the age of 60. Thus, you need to keep the age factor in mind before opting for a health insurance plan.


There is a range of different plans. Some are expensive, and some are cheap. Obviously, the expensive ones have perks while the cheap ones do not. This perk is basically coverage. This means what medical expenses the insurance plan is ready to cover.

Waiting Period

The body sometimes has traces of the germs and bacteria of some diseases or conditions. These diseases breakout after a set number of months usually. These are referred to as pre-existing illnesses.

Health insurances do not cover these as you got them before you went with the insurance plan. So, to eliminate this risk, they make you wait for at least six months in case any disease appears. You should know this if you need a plan immediately.

Hospital Benefits

Apart from the smell of spirit and medicines, another thing that is hated of hospitals is that of the lengthy paperwork that it entails. Well, health insurance plans save you from these. Specific insurance companies are associated with specific hospitals.

This enables you to skip out on the paper works and the hassle of the payment, checks, and you know the deal.

Hospital Coverage

Hospitals are known to be sneaky. Some nurse might come over to you and offer you a coffee, and later you find that beverage on your hospital bill. Hospital bills do not simply end at one treatment. No, that is not the case.

Each illness or even a regular visit comes up with a series of medical tests, x rays, medicines, doctor fees, and so on. These end up making quite a large bill. So, get the plan that covers all of these extra hospital bills and tricks.


I do not think that you make as many visits to the hospital in a year as a pregnant lady makes in a span of 9 months. The period of pregnancy is long and tough. You need to make regular visits as well as surprise ones to your gynecologist.

You would need your gynecologist on your speed dial constantly. Which is why to get a maternity plan in your health insurance is probably a good idea.

Preventive Measures

After our family, it is doctors who care about us the most. They insist on us going for regular checkups and for preventive measures. Preventive measures are a series of tests that you should and must take to diagnose if you have a certain disease. For example, for heart diseases, this means that you get a cardiograph done.

Similarly, for any injury, this means that you get x rays done. So, be smart about it and get sensible health insurance plans.

Dental Coverage

Dental procedures are very costly. Each dental treatment is long and tedious and requires a lot of sittings with the dentist. This means that your budget is going to take a hit because you cannot ignore the need for dental procedures. So, you need to come up with a better plan, and that is getting dental coverage in your plans.

Remain In Contact

Getting health insurance is pivotal, and something all of us should do. Nothing is more important than one’s health and mental and physical well-being. We all should invest in ourselves and focus on what our body needs. While yes, self-diagnosis works sometimes that is not, however always the case. You need to go to the doctor regularly.

They are professionals with a medical degree, and they know what they are doing. So, you need to trust them and put your faith in them and go to them regularly. Before you sign up for any health insurance plan, you read their terms and conditions. Even if you do that, you still should remain in contact with the company. Call them and get details and reassurance before hitting the hospital. Better safe than sorry!


Health insurance plans always have your best interests at heart and want you to be healthy always. This is why they add extra benefits to plans such as discounts on yoga, on gym services, and so on. They want you at mental and physical peace. Thus, you should always know the deal in full detail and know what they are offering you so you can take full advantage from your health insurance plans.

Always opt for regular checkups. Do not ignore the signs that your body gives you and do not put everything for the last day. Nobody deserves this. So, get your health insurance plans as soon as possible!


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