Specific Low Back Pain Exercises to Relieve Pain

Lower back pain is a common issue among adults. From working professionals who had to sit all day on chairs to housewives who has to indulge in all kinds of tasks. However, by doing specific exercises for your lower back, you can not only relieve the pain but also strengthen your back to prevent any potential back problems in the future.

You can opt for some helpful exercises under physiotherapy to manage your pain better and give your body the required strength.

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Here are some of the recommended exercises that are good for lower back pain:


Stretching is a great exercise for different body aches and can help you relieve pain significantly. Sometimes when your muscles are jammed from the lack of movement. It also leads to atrophy which is caused by the shrinking of muscles from lack of use. You can also suffer from different issues including muscle spasms that could lead to nerve irritation. This is usually caused by inappropriate postures.

However, by introducing a good stretching routine, you can relieve your muscles and free them from any kind of spasm or blockage. You can have a proper stretching routine curated by professionals who will design it according to your requirement. Stretching for the lower back is typically focused on the lower back, abdominal muscle, hips, and legs. The stretching exercises should always be slow and gradual.

Core Strengthening Exercises

Core strengthening exercises are designed for providing the required strength to your lower back muscles as well as the abdominal muscles.

The following exercises are included in this:

Hyperextension exercises work by utilizing the muscles in our lower back and facilitating the spine to hyperextend. You can perform this exercise by laying on your back and lifting your chest from the ground. This exercise can also be performed by machinery.

There is also an exercise for lower back pain called “Good mornings” that includes standing with your legs apart and carrying some kind of weight on your shoulders such as a weighted bar or a broomstick. Then you just have to bend forward as much as you can and then repeat.

Other than these you can also follow specific abdominal strengthening including leg raises, sit-ups, crunches, abdominal machines, etc.

Dynamic Stabilization Exercise

The dynamic stabilization exercises involve the use of machinery such as exercise balls, balancing machines, etc. It includes a wide range of movements and exercises focused on stabilizing and strengthening the secondary muscles in your spine\. With these exercises, you can significantly help offer support to your spine with various kinds of ranges of motion.

Aquatic (water) physical therapy

Aquatic physical therapy or water therapy is offered at Health Bound Toronto physiotherapy clinic that facilitates the patients to start a therapy program by minimizing the effect of gravity. It is especially recommended for elderly patients who have less strength to exercise outside of the pool.




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