6 Steps to Alleviating Chronic Neck Pain

When you have neck pain and it’s consistent enough to be considered chronic, then it’s something that seems to interfere with every living moment. It’s often bad enough that it’s difficult to concentrate on important things for any length of time too.

To help address these issues, here are 6 possible steps to take that may assist in alleviating or reducing the incidences of chronic neck pain.

Neck pain; image source: pexels.com

Change Your Pillow to a More Supportive One

Using the wrong kind of pillow for the way that you sleep can make neck problems even worse.

For instance, if you are a side sleeper, then a thicker pillow is required to properly support your head and neck. Similarly, when you’re a stomach sleeper, then a pillow at a lower height level prevents putting your neck at an uncomfortable angle that’s inappropriate for the type of natural sleeper that you are.

To fix the problem, it’s possible to sleep better with a high-quality pillow that is right for your sleeping posture.

Get an Office Chair with a Head Rest

An office chair that only supports your back but leaves your head unsupported can exacerbate problems. With this type of improper chair, your head will end up putting more weight and strain on your neck which is likely to worsen the pain you feel currently.

Switch out to an ergonomic office chair that includes a headrest too. It will feel so much better and allow you to relax into it when feeling tired too.

Change Your Exercise Routine

Exercises like running on a treadmill or other heavy impact movement will have a jarring effect on your head and neck. This is only likely to make matters worse for you.

Instead, choose exercises that will limit the head movement (and especially the jarring) to a minimum.

For instance, swimming is an excellent idea where the water supports your body much better. Walking instead of jogging also gets some of the aerobic effort without the jarring effect.

Consider Using a Physical Therapist

If you’re suffering chronic pain as a result of sustaining an injury from a car crash, a fall, or another incident that put undue pressure on your neck, then it may be useful to try physical therapy.

It’s beneficial when movement is becoming an issue. When the pain has been on and off for a long period, then stiffness in the muscles could be restricting movement. In this situation, a course of therapy to help your body get back into comfortable movement is warranted. This treatment approach lasts a few months with regular sessions to get the best outcome.

Apply Ice to the Affected Area

Applying ice is a useful way to temporarily numb pain in the neck. It may reduce any inflammation naturally without needing to take medication like ibuprofen, which has appeal if you prefer to avoid modern pharmaceuticals. Use an ice pack, or fill a food bag with ice cubes and apply it for a few minutes.

Natural Manipulation

Another approach to therapy is to try out the services of a chiropractor. Some specialise in neck adjustments whereas others focus on a total body solution.

The idea of manipulating the neck through small adjustments is to relieve any pressure that’s built up in that area. Pressure from nerve pain is particularly painful with medication unable to make much of a dent in it. However, an experienced chiropractor can take X-rays of your neck to assess the problem and decide the best type of adjustment that will provide maximum relief.

Neck pain is tough to deal with at the best of times. But when you try your best to address it, it’s possible to get at least some relief.


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