Electronic Stethoscopes, the Great Allies in Modern Medical Diagnostics

The Stethoscopes continue to hold the same role they have had for the past 200 years, since it is a critical and extremely important tool to allow medical professionals to immediately detect breathing, heart, and other abnormalities of some other organs of the human body. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of stethoscopes will help people appreciate this intricate device.

A classic stethoscope; Image source: pexels.com

The stethoscope is even taking on a new look with the current digital version that keeps gaining more and more popularity. The overall advantage of a Digital Stethoscope is that it allows medical professionals to listen to the sounds produced by our lungs, our heart, intestines, and other organs with more precision. Any abnormal function within these systems in the body can be detected immediately with the proper use of a stethoscope. Some stethoscopes are very sensitive and can even work through clothing.

Uses of the stethoscope according to ailments

The stethoscope is an instrument that has evolved along with new technologies, these have been refined according to the needs of the user and patients: pediatric, adult, cardiologists, anesthetists and nurses. The cost depends on the use to which it is intended, on the quality of its components: material, current technology, weight, diaphragm, single or double head and the prestige and brand of the manufacturer.

How to properly use the stethoscope

One of the most overlooked dangers is not in relation to the patient, but the person using the stethoscope. Since the stethoscope amplifies sounds, accidental noise that is too loud can potentially damage the listener’s ears. Stethoscopes also need to be constantly cleaned because of their ability to spread germs and viruses.

Because they are typically used on bare skin and occasionally on extremely ill patients, proper cleaning is vital, taking into account their greater current importance, given the worldwide pandemic of COVID 19.

Advantages of the electronic stethoscope

The newest type of stethoscope is now in general use, a digital version up to the task of today’s technology. This is very advantageous over a traditional stethoscope as it allows for greater clarity of sound when listening to the heart and lungs. This makes identifying problems faster and easier. Advanced digital stethoscopes allow the recording and reproduction of collected sounds, making it useful also for reference or in teaching students of medicine, nursing and allied professions.

Coronavirus and use of stethoscope

The electronic stethoscope has been of great help in the framework of the pandemic that affects all countries in the world, it definitely protects medical personnel from possible COVID-19 infections and is much safer for use in patients with this condition, representing a very suitable tool for use with patients with this virus.

Likewise, like any other device or tool for general diagnosis of patients, special care must be taken to always keep in mind and strictly comply with the appropriate cleaning and disinfection protocols through its usage on different patients. Undoubtedly, the electronic stethoscope has been a stronghold for medicine for many years, maintaining traditional importance when it comes to an adequate and accurate medical diagnosis.


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