Dumbbell workout routines you can try at home

Are you tired of gym dumbbell workout routine? Are you busy to visit the gym and rather do your workout on your own? If you are, then here’s the top 10 best dumbbell exercises you can do at home.

10. Toe Raises

This workout focuses on your lower leg muscles, calves, and calf muscles. Stand on the step with your feet slightly apart and heels dropped down while holding a dumbbell in each hand. Push your body upward by tipping toes and then slowly bring your body down by lowering your heels back. Repeat the workout for 8 – 10 reps.

9. Dumbbell Lunges

Lunges increase your knee strength. Start by taking one step forward (2 ft. away) with dumbbells in both hands while keeping your back foot in place. Bend your knees until your back knee comes near the floor and maintain your balance. Push yourself upward by using your heels. Repeat the process with the other leg and do 6 – 10 reps.

8. Upright Row

Hold a dumbbell in both hands and let your arms rest above the thighs. Exhale and lift both dumbbells with the use of your side shoulders. Keep them close to your chest until they reach your chin. Inhale and slowly bring them down and repeat the process.

7. Dumbbell Flyes

Lie down with your back on the floor while holding the dumbbells above your thighs. Bring the dumbbells in front of your shoulders and slightly push them forward. Bend your elbows and lower your arms on both sides through arc motion. Bring the dumbbells back on top of your chest and repeat the workout.

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6. Lateral Raises

Hold the dumbbells right in front of your thighs and slightly bend your elbows. Bend your knees and hips to push your body forward. Lift the dumbbells sideward until shoulder level and then lower them back. Repeat the process while maintaining your elbow height.

5. One-Arm Dumbbell Row

One-arm row is a dumbbell workout routine which needs a flat bench. Set the dumbbells on both sides of the bench and then put your right leg on one end and your right hand on the other. Pick a dumbbell with your left hand and pull it towards your chest and then bring it back down.

Perform several repetitions before switching to your right hand.

4. Tricep Dumbbell Kickback

Begin by holding a dumbbell in both hands while keeping your back straight and torso paralleled to the floor. Keep your upper arm steady and use the triceps to carry the weights until you fully extend your arms. Hold it before bringing it back to your parallel position. Repeat the workout and do 7 – 11 reps.

3. Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Sit on a bench and hold both dumbbells above your thighs. Lift the dumbbells up to the shoulder level one at a time. Rotate the wrists as the weight reaches its height. Bring it down slowly and repeat the process for 10 reps.

2. Alternate Bicep Curls

Stand straight with both dumbbells on hand and elbows close to your torso. Keep your upper arm steady and curl the weights to contract your biceps. Hold the weights for 3 seconds before bringing it back to your previous position. Continue the workout with one hand at a time.

1. Dumbbell Bench Press

Lay your back on the floor with dumbbells in each hand, resting above your thighs. Raise the dumbbells and hold them above your shoulders. Push the dumbbells upward and lock them for 1 second once your chest contracts. Bring them down to your shoulder and repeat the workout for 8 repetitions.

The exercises listed above enhance your entire body, including leg muscles, triceps, biceps, chests, and arms. You can use a typical bench if you have no workout bench at home. Heavier dumbbells give better results with above workout routines.

Avoid fatigue by alternating workout and rest days. Working out daily will stress your muscles which lead to muscle pain.

Your Turn

Do you know other dumbbell workout routine worth trying? We’d love to hear from you! Kindly share your suggestions in the comment section below.


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