Why Pre-Workout Supplements Are Essential

A pre-workout supplement can give you energy, focus and improve your cardio performance. Make sure when shopping for a pre-workout that you buy from producers that don’t hide their ingredients behind a label of the proprietary blend. Know what you’re ingesting.

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What is pre-workout?

Pre-workout supplements generally offer carbs for energy and caffeine for focus. But after those two ingredients, the formulations can vary widely. For best results, consider mixing your first pre-workout at half strength to gauge how it acts on your stomach and gut. If you’re used to coffee to start your day, adding more caffeine can cause stomach trouble.

If a half portion works, keep it up for three weeks to allow the product to build up in the body. If a half portion has little effect, bump up to 3/4 of a serving. The last thing you want to do is deal with reflux from the caffeine bump while you are running or hitting the weights.

Why do people take pre-workout?

Many folks find that a pre-workout reduces the risk that their energy will fail in the middle of a workout. Many others find that a pre-workout supplement lessens the pain of recovery. Over the long term, other benefits of a pre-workout can include faster muscle growth and an increase in your lean muscle mass.

Some pre-workouts that contain beetroot juice can have a vasodilatory effect. If you are on blood pressure medications, you will want to talk to your doctor about taking anything that can impact your blood vessels. This also is a great reason to start with a smaller portion until you know you can tolerate it well.

What are the Health benefits of pre-workout?

There are days when going to the gym is half the battle. If you are struggling to get your workout routine established firmly, a pre-workout can be the boost you need. According to Legion Athletics, adding an all natural pre workout drink to your exercise routine can help you “get to the gym instead of hitting the snooze, stay hydrated as you sweat away toxins and stay excited about leveling up.”

If your workout includes a big push before you cool down, a pre-workout can lessen the exhaustion you may feel later in the day. While it’s not a good idea to get in a hard workout before bed because it will make it hard to sleep, you may find that you avoid a hard workout in the morning because you don’t want to deal with tired muscles after lunch. A pre-workout can make energy management for the rest of the day much easier.

Products that allow you to make healthier choices in every aspect of life are a great investment in your future. Starting with a 1/2 dose of your chosen pre-workout supplement is a terrific way to support your fitness goals. Build up to a full dose over time for the best effect.


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