The healing effects of beetroot

Beetroot is most famous for its numerous healing effects which we will describe in detail in this article.

Beetroot is good for treatment and prevention of many different diseases and is best consumed raw, squeezed into a juice that is of the same color as human blood.

Beetroot is super food

As already mentioned, beetroot is best fresh and raw. Beetroot juice is commonly known as cure for high fever, anemia, influenza, pneumonia and it also helps repair kidney, liver and bile.

For treatment of severe diseases drinking 1 pint (half a liter) of fresh juice per day is advised for adults and half a pint (one quarter liter) for minors.

Patients who suffer from diabetes should mix beetroot juice with honey as honey increases its medicinal properties.

Beetroot reduces fever and blood pressure

Drinking beetroot juice will lower your body temperature very fast. Recent studies have also shown that patients with high blood pressure benefit from drinking beetroot juice.

This is due to potassium as potassium drains water from the body and therefore reduces blood pressure.

Silicon is essential for health

One of the essential ingredients contained in beetroot that work well on human body is silicon. Silicon in beetroot juice is in such form that the body can easily absorb it.

It is known that silicon strengthens the connective tissues (especially the skin), blood vessels walls and bones.

With the help of silicon your body can remove toxins (heavy metals such as aluminum) from organism. Silicon is considered to be one of the essential elements for maintaining proper health and healing processes.

beetroot plantBeetroot is an excellent source of folate and a good source of manganese and contains betaines which may aid in reducing the concentration of homocysteine, a homolog of the naturally occurring amino acid cysteine.

Extremely important component of beetroot juice is the folic acid. Folic acid belongs to the group of vitamins B which human body normally lacks the most.

Folic acid also has a very important role in metabolism. The juice of beetroot contains a lot of folic acid so cells can absorb it easily.

Consuming beetroot will make skin more elastic as well as promote the growth of hair and nails. This means that drinking red juice reduces hair loss.

Beetroot (juice) contains a lot of potassium. Potassium regulates the amount of water in organism, drains excessive fluid, binds fats and detoxifies an organism.

It inhibits the progression of cancer

Beetroot is famous for its anti cancer properties as it contains anthocyanin. This is a substance which has antioxidant effect and inhibits the growth of cancer cells. two There are two more substances contained in beetroot worth mentioning. These are betalaine and polyphenol.

All three substances are natural inhibitors of cancer cells growth. These three substances (in smaller quantities than beetroot) are also found in following food: aloe vera, garlic, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, nuts and oils.

It helps with chemotherapy

Beet juice has always been known as a remedy for anemia because it promotes the formation of red blood cells or red blood bodies. In conjunction with potassium it also cleans blood.

Freshly squeezed beetroot juice helps in chemotherapy. In particular, it is known that it has a soothing effect on the X-rays in radiotherapy. X-rays are used to kill cancer cells but can also damage healthy cells. The ingredients in the juice of beetroot prevents damaging of healthy cells.

Patients with cancer should consume 1 pint (half a liter) of fresh beetroot juice per day, divided into two or three meals. It can be mixed with honey for best effect as honey also have healing properties.

Other healing properties

In addition to substances mentioned above, beetroot (juice) contains a lot of iron, manganese, phosphorus, copper, zinc and vitamin C. It also contains fiber. Consuming beetroot promotes the formation of hormones and transmitters of nerve signals, such as dopamine and norepinephrine. These two are responsible for our psychological satisfaction.

Scientists have proved and confirmed that without folic acid (the amount of which is highest in the beetroot) it is not possible to be happy and optimistic. Consuming beetroot makes skin cleaner and youthful, it also make bones more sturdy. Sturdy bones and strong veins prolongs life.

There are other healing effects of beetroot that are not so well-known. Consuming beetroot lowers high blood pressure, helps in dementia, helps with cardiovascular disease and cures cancer. Beetroot also contains iron and helps detoxify the liver, stomach, improves cardiac circulation, digestion and regulates thyroid function.

Best way to prepare beetroot

It is important how you prepare beetroot. When beetroot is pulled out of the ground, do not chop off the root as juice will start to leak. Cutting the root off may also cause oxidizing reactions and so some of the enzymes can lose their effect. Quickly chop or grate beetroot with a juicer and then squeeze the juice from it. Drink it immediately, within ten minutes.

Do not store it in the refrigerator, especially not for a long time. You can also squeeze the juice from its leaves, as leaves also contain much of the substances. The leaves contain a lot of chlorophyll, which also is one of the most powerful antioxidants.

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  1. Potassium helps but it\’ss the nitric oxides in the beet root that lower blood pressure, studies have been done and that is the findings. It\’ turns to nitrates in the body

  2. Been using beets with carrots when juicing since beets have more juice per mass than carrots do(personal observation) and they also cost far less, recently found out that beetroot juice is great as endurance/recovery booster for athletes and now this article of yours, Im feeling happy about juicing beets and now discovering that they are as good and perhaps even better than carrots alone, fantastic :)!
    Been adding cucumbers as “extender” as well to make more juice to drink mixed with beet/carrot juice, tastes great!

  3. would like to know more about beetjuice or the use of beetroot i am both anaemic.diabetic and hoghblood pressure thank you


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