How to boost metabolism

Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows that kilograms bounce back as boomerang after returning back to old eating habits. The biggest mistake you can do is to go back to the old way of life. For lasting results you must change your mindset entirely. Learn about metabolism and how metabolism helps you maintain your ideal weight.

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What is metabolism?

In short, metabolism is a bunch of chemical and physical processes in which different substances in the body are generated and decomposed. Another word for metabolism is also digestion.

Grapefruit is an excellent metabolism booster. You can eat it raw or drink it squeezed into a fine juice; image source:

One of the main functions of metabolism is to supply your organism with the necessary energy that is obtained from food, where enzymes are used to catalyze chemical reactions. Metabolism is not to be confused with basal metabolic rate BMR. You can read about BMR in this article: What is basal metabolic rate?

How to boost your metabolism?

Fast metabolism is one of the main factors for healthy and effective weight loss. There are two basic ways in which you can boost up your slow digestion.

You can boost your metabolism by either increase your level of physical activity or start a balanced diet. Of course you will boost your metabolism the most if you will do both at the same time.

Boosting metabolism by physical activity

Many people exercise too much in an effort to speed up their digestion and weight loss. For a healthy weight loss moderate activity is enough – the result will be visible. What is important is that you really need to be persistent and exercise every single day, even when you don’t feel like it.

It is important to stay on track, because results will not come over night. Read about weight loss motivation tips. In general, physical activity should become a part of your life and in spite of all the obligations you might have during the day you must find time for your body.

Boosting metabolism by proper dieting

For better performance and increased metabolism rate you must avoid all the food that blood cholesterol.

We all know which foods contains cholesterol. Usually the ones that we love the most. If you cannot avoid such food and remove it from your daily diet, try eating it in a significantly decreased amount. Also, try eating some of the following “destroyers” of cholesterol and “boosters” of metabolism.

Foods that significantly contribute to a faster metabolism are:

  • water,
  • green tea,
  • coffee,
  • apples,
  • grapefruit,
  • spinach,
  • vegetable soup,
  • mustard,
  • tofu,
  • cheese,
  • fish
  • and chicken.

Besides what you eat it is also important when you eat. The food should be consumed in smaller but more frequent meals that means you will still eat the same amount, but evenly throughout the day. It is best to eat at least five to six meals per day – three major ones (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and three snacks or light meals.

In short, to boost your metabolism make sure you are physically active every day. Also, make sure you eat healthy food. Eat your food in smaller amounts, but more frequently throughout the day. Chew your food more. This way you will increase your digestion rate and speed up your weight loss.



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