The Key Factors to Consider Before Getting Adult Braces

Getting braces to straighten your teeth and get the smile that you have always wanted is something that’s become much more commonplace and easier to access today. Compared to in the past, braces are no longer something that just teenagers get, and there are lots of options that are well-suited to adult life. You can still get traditional, metal fixed braces, but if you would rather not have a mouthful of metal for several months or years, you can choose from more subtle options like ceramic braces that blend in better with your teeth or clear aligners that can be worn over the teeth and removed when needed.

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With so many options available for straightening your teeth, it’s important to consider which option is likely going to be the most effective for you, by thinking about different factors that are likely going to affect you.

Misalignment Issues

The first thing to consider before deciding on the right type of brace for you is the issues that you want to fix. Different types of braces are usually recommended depending on how misaligned your teeth are and if they have ever been straightened before. If you have never had braces in the past and your teeth are very crooked, fixed metal or ceramic braces might be the best option for you.

On the other hand, clear, removeable or night time aligners might be ideal for you if your teeth have been straightened before but one or two teeth have become misaligned over time. To know for sure, have a consultation with an orthodontist who can explain the issues to you in more detail and recommend the best type of brace for getting the results that you need.

Removing Teeth

In some cases, you will need to have a tooth or some teeth removed before you will be able to have braces fitted. This is usually the best option if your mouth is overcrowded, i.e. If there is not enough room in your mouth for all your teeth to fit together in a straight line.

Straightening your teeth without having any removed in this case will usually lead to the teeth sticking out as they have nowhere else to go, while removing teeth gives them more room to move into a straight position. Once you have had impressions of your teeth taken, an orthodontist will recommend if you need teeth removing. You can then have this done by your regular dentist. Be sure to give your mouth time to heal before you start wearing braces.


The convenience of getting and wearing braces is also likely to be a factor that you will consider when deciding on the right type for you. Clear aligners are usually the most convenient option since you can purchase these online and have an impressions kit sent to you for teeth straightening at home. Straight My Teeth offers clear aligner options that allow for straightening your teeth in the comfort of your home. All you need to do is visit the Straight My Teeth website and sign up for the right option for you. You’ll then pay a deposit and have an impressions kit sent to your home which will be used to make your aligners. You’ll usually need to do this every few weeks to update the aligners as they push your teeth into position.


The cost is another main factor that most people will think about when getting braces, as they do not always come cheap. Your budget is likely going to play a part in determining the right option for you. Most of the time, invisible, clear or ceramic braces will cost you more, while fixed metal braces are usually the cheapest option.

No matter which option you decide to go with, most orthodontists and online aligner companies will now offer the option for you to split the cost of getting your braces by spreading it out in monthly or quarterly payments, which can make it easier to afford.


If you have a professional job or need to look put together most of the time, then a mouthful of metal might be something that you are trying to avoid. If your appearance is a top priority for getting braces, there are options to consider that will allow you to straighten your teeth in a less obvious way compared to traditional fixed metal wires and brackets.

Most people who want to straighten their teeth without it being obvious will go for clear aligners. This is because not only are the aligners difficult to notice when they are fitted over your teeth, but they can also be removed for any event where you don’t want to be wearing braces such as work meetings. You can also get aligners that are worn overnight to straighten your teeth while you are sleeping, allowing you to get on with every day braces-free.

Your Dental Health

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You should also think about your current dental health before you decide to get any braces fitted. Before you get braces, you should ideally be in good dental health without any cavities, gum disease, or other issues that could impact the effectiveness of the brace or get worse while you are wearing braces. Before you go for a consultation with an orthodontist or order your impressions kit to start wearing clear aligners at home, it’s a good idea to book a check-up with your regular dentist to make sure that any issues are treated before you start wearing braces and to get an overall idea of how good your dental health is right now and if there is anything that you can do to improve it.

Treatment Time

How long it’s going to take for the braces to get the results that you want with your teeth is also worth thinking about before you take the plunge. Some people just want to get their teeth straightened as soon as possible while others don’t mind wearing braces for quite some time as long as they get the desired results. However, you might have a deadline that you want to achieve your goal for, such as an upcoming event like a wedding. If you have an event that you definitely want to have straight teeth and not be wearing braces for, then getting started as early as possible is important. Bear in mind that the condition of your teeth, the amount of work needed and the type of braces that you choose can all impact how long it takes to get the smile you want.

Care and Maintenance

Finally, consider what you are going to do to keep your teeth in good condition while you are wearing braces or aligners. This is usually much easier for people who go for removable aligners since these can simply be removed to brush and floss your teeth as normal. On the other hand, it can be trickier to keep your teeth clean while wearing a fixed brace, so invest in some tools like an electric toothbrush and interdental brushes for more effective cleaning. If you are opting for ceramic braces, it’s important to be careful with what you eat and drink since they can stain easily.

Adult braces are much easier and more affordable to get today, but there are several factors to consider before deciding on the right type of treatment for you.


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