5 weight loss motivation tips

It is really hard to stay motivated when you are on a diet because, truth be told, results won’t come over night. At least not long lasting results. Read our article on weight loss motivation, it might help you in achieving long term results.

It’s easy to start…

You have decided you will do something for yourself. Great! It is easy to start. Really. The hardest part is to stay motivated, because results are not coming overnight. This is the fact that will break your will.

Don’t be that person. Be persistent in following your goals! Below you can find 5 easy but very effective weight loss motivation tips that actually work!

Where to find the motivation?

There is no doubt that motivation is a big problem when it comes to weight loss. On the other hand motivation is the thing that will bring you results. Without motivation there will be little results. We’ve put together a short list of effective tips that will help you stay motivated during your weight loss period or during your diet.

Weight loss motivation tip #1

a woman runningThe first thing you should do is to think about why are you dieting? Is it because you want to be healthier in general? Are you worried about your looks? Maybe you want to fit into that beautiful wedding dress?

People are different and each individual has it’s own reasons for weight loss, but it is important to discover the reasons for yourself. Knowing the reasons will increase your motivation for sure.

Weight loss motivation tip #2

a woman runningAnother tip is to come up with a list of short, medium and long term goals and expectations. Your long-term goal should be acieving your ideal body weight. Ideal body weight doesn’t necessarily need to be the ideal weight as defined by BMI calculator.

It can be as much as you want it to be. Defining short term goals is the best way to increase your motivation, because you can measure your progress by achieving short-term results (for example weekly milestones).

Weight loss motivation tip #3

a woman runningAnother good way to keep motivating yourself is to have a partner that exercises with you or supports you during weight loss period.

If you don’t have a partner try to connect with someone who also wants to lose weight – this way you can help and motivate each other when either of you wants to give up.

It is always good to do sports with a partner. Be competitive, stay motivated.

Weight loss motivation tip #4

a woman runningTake notes! Keep a record of your progress by writting down the achieved short and medium term goals. Make weekly reports.

Measure your waist size and your weight and write it down. Some day when you feel that you have not achieved anything noticeable take a look at your notes and the results and you will see that you did a lot of good work already.

Weight loss motivation tip #5

a woman runningIt is best to do exercising in the morning hours, because it is easier to motivate yourself in the morning that it is in the evening when you come home from work all tired and exausthed.

We hope this short tips helped you a little in your dieting. Remember, results will not come over night so it is really important to stay on track and not giving up after some time when no visible results can be seen.

Your body needs time to adapt to new lifestyle. Be patient because results WILL come if you will be persistent!

Here’s some useful tools to help you start your weight loss journey.


Article reviewed: 5th of January, 2014


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