What Is A Smoothie Diet?

Obesity, weight gain are some of the basic and most common problems in today’s world because of the sedentary lifestyle and working habits.

And this has given rise to several chronic and acute problems like heart diseases and has raised the risk of heart attacks to a huge extent.

Smoothies; image source: pexels.com

Smoothie diet is the perfect blend of liquid diet and green leafy diet which has shown a wonderful success rate to reduce body fat at a rapid pace. This particular diet is especially interesting as it provides the perfect combination of all the nutrients – proteins, vitamins, minerals, fibers, mono saturated fatty acids etc.

Thinking of switching to the smoothie diet plan?

Then continue reading this article.

Previously people used to go on the liquid diet for days in order to lose weight faster. But there were several side effects of being on the liquid diet only. The body becomes devoid of the actual proportion of the necessary nutrients when the individual remains strictly on the liquid diet.

This makes them weak and therefore is not a medically recommended diet. The smoothies can also act as a replacement of a whole meal in a day but it must contain enough greens and a proper quantity of proteins and fibers in it.

The Green smoothie diet containing large proportion of green vegetables and fresh fruits mixed together to make a highly nutritious drink is the best smoothie diet that provides a whole meal comprising an appropriate quantity of calories, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, fiber and several antioxidants to burn the body fats effectively. So this green smoothie diet would be the best option for you to go on if you are truly interested in going on a Smoothie Diet.

Various types of smoothie health plans

1. Green vegetables with fresh fruits juice is a popular Smoothie Diet that helps one reduce belly fat to a great extent. Because it is known for its tremendous success to burn belly fat it is known as the belly fat diet.

2. Mango juice with mashed ripe avocado and yogurt contains the appropriate quantity of carbohydrates, fats, sodium, cholesterol, vitamins, fibers and proteins, so this is another viable Smoothie Diet option.

3. Blueberry smoothies prepared by combining skim milk, frozen blueberries, and flax seed oil is also a wonderful breakfast diet which can be used for reducing and trimming the waist line.

Likewise there are other several recommended smoothie diet plans or types available and at times are even suggested by the doctor in order to shed belly fat at a quicker pace.

Advantages of smoothie diet

First and foremost, the smoothie diet contains every nutrient in the perfect proportion that aids to burn off the fat especially the belly fat to a huge extent. Secondly, the fresh fruits and the green vegetables help to break down the cell walls making the food easier to digest.

Also, the smoothie diet contains a huge quantity of fiber which reduces the risk of heart attacks by maintaining a perfect balance between the cholesterol level and the blood sugar level of the individual.

This diet is rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers that help to carry out the metabolic activities easily.

Disadvantages of smoothie diet

The major disadvantage of this diet is that it is a temporary diet and people practicing smoothie diets may experience in fatigue and discomfort.

The diet is devoid of several vitamins like vitamin D and vitamin B12 and minerals like selenium which is important for the body to carry out several important activities.

Another major disadvantage of smoothie diet is that it does not encourage physical activities and exercises.

Despite the demerits of the smoothie diet, the advantages of the diet make it one of the best and the most efficient diets of the era to lead a healthy, slim life.


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