An Inpatient Rehab Facility Can Benefit an Addict

Have you finally decided to look at some of the various alcohol detox programs in your area? Do you want to get help for the addiction that you have struggled so long with? If this is the case, you will need to think about what type of facility you are going to use for your treatment.

There are many people who have found great success using inpatient rehab facilities to treat their drug or alcohol addictions. An inpatient rehab facility can offer you many advantages that will not be available to you at an outpatient facility.

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Here are just a few of the primary reasons why you should seriously think about checking yourself into an inpatient rehab facility.

1. An inpatient rehab facility is a controlled environment

It can be a difficult thing to go through rehab on an outpatient basis. This is because you will be encountering all of the stressful things that are a part of life while you are trying to kick your addiction.

It will be much easier when you go through rehab at an inpatient facility. No outsiders will be bothering you. The only people who will be allowed inside the facility are people who are actually involved in the program.

This will eliminate the possibility of you coming into contact with people who you used to get drunk or high with before. These people are known as negative influences. People who are involved in an outpatient program will not have the advantage of being in a controlled environment.

This is one of the main reasons that people in outpatient programs are more likely to relapse.

2. There will always be highly trained people around you at all times during inpatient treatment

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can sometimes be very painful. In some cases, patients can be in life-threatening situations when they are going through withdrawal. This is usually the most difficult part of rehab for most patients.

This is why it is so important to be surrounded by professionals who know how to handle any situation that might arise. An inpatient rehab facility will have a medical doctor who constantly oversees the physical health of all the patients.

Addicts who are using an outpatient program will not have medical professionals looking after them throughout the entire rehab process. Patients also have much more contact with their counselor at an inpatient rehab facility.

3. You will be able to bond with all of the other patients

One of the things that makes inpatient rehab facilities so successful if the fact that the patients often become friends. This makes sense because that are living together in the same building for a month or more. Therefore, it is only natural that they become close and start to form a connection.

The friendships that are formed during the rehab process will often carry over to the real world. Former rehab patients will depend on each other for support during their transition back into normal society. An outpatient rehab program offers very minimal contact with the other patients. There are group therapy sessions where all of the patients meet each other. However, the patients do not live together.

Therefore, there are not many opportunities for the patients to bond and become close with one another.

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4. The pressure of your job and family life will not get in the way of your treatment

Going through the rehab is a very difficult thing to do. It becomes even more difficult when a patient still has to go to a stressful job every day while he is in outpatient treatment. Marital problems and the stress that goes with raising kids can also contribute to a patient relapsing during outpatient treatment.

However, people who attend inpatient treatment will not be working. They will not be allowed to leave the facility. These patients will also be isolated from their families except for phone calls and visiting day. This allows patients to focus on their recovery in a safe and relaxing environment.

5. You will be able to form a stronger connection with your rehab counselor

All patients who attend any sort of rehab program will be assigned a counselor who will work with them. However, outpatient programs will offer you minimal contact with your counselor.

People at an inpatient facility will be in the same building with their counselor all day long. Therefore, this additional contact over the course of rehab will give the patient insight he or she wouldn’t otherwise get.

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