Simple Small Ways to Improve Your Health

There are so many articles, books, magazines, posters and so forth out there about being healthy or how to become healthy. It is the number one marketing trend in the world and for good reason – it sells!

It would be a very rare occurrence to find someone who will openly admit that they have no interest in being healthier. We all can be healthier than we are. What prevents most of us from taking a step in the right direction is the fact that we believe we have to do a complete life change.

Cut out all of the things we love and live on carrots, lettuce, and water. The truth is that the smallest changes can have the greatest impact. Let’s look at a few small things you can do to improve your health. What do you have to lose, right?

Get Active

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Being active can have such an enormous impact on your well-being. No, I do not mean to run a marathon or to go enter a strongman competition. When I say ‘get active’ I simply mean – MOVE.

Everyone should strive to do at least 30 minutes a day of some sort of physical activity which can be something as simple as walking around the block, taking a yoga class or tossing on a workout DVD in your living room.

Make small but active choices such as taking the stairs at work or parking your vehicle the furthest from the door. All of the little things add up and you’d be surprised at how much of a difference it can make to your quality of life. Eventually, you won’t even think about it, it will become a habit.

Food Substitutions

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Swapping a few things in your diet for better choices can really help to further you along in the journey to better health. This doesn’t mean you need to go gut ever cupboard in your house and forbid any form of a treat to come in the door.

Balance is key.

Throughout your day make small changes such as opting for popcorn instead of chips, or some fruit instead of chocolate, or one of my favorite, homemade frozen Greek yogurt instead of ice cream. There are many little choices you can make when it comes to food.

Start small and build over time, ideally you want to eat as clean as possible by sticking to the outside perimeter of the grocery store, but that takes time – unless you want to dive head first into it and all the power to you if you do.

Breathe Better

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What we breathe into our lungs can affect our overall health. Of course, the number one thing that comes to mind is smoking, however, there are many other things that we breathe in throughout the day.

Why not eliminate some of those toxins and allergens? If you don’t already have one in your home, I suggest you invest in a Hisense Dehumidifier. A dehumidifier will help to remove excess moisture from the air thus improving air quality and reducing dampness in the home. Damp areas can wreak havoc on your health especially if you suffer from asthma or allergies.


woman sleeping on a pillow
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Sleep is seriously underrated when it comes down to its impact on health. Good quality sleep can help improve cognitive function, fight against stress and anxiety, help to repair tissues in the body, and allow your body the strength it needs to ward off infections. Make getting a good night’s sleep a priority in your life; strive for 8 hours if possible.

Do you find it hard to wind down? Consider taking a hot bath 30 minutes prior, as your body cools down afterward you will begin to tire. Essential oils are another aid that some use to improve their quality of sleep such as lavender or cedar wood.

Another little tip I collected over the years was to cut off screen time an hour before bed. No computer, no television, just relax and let your brain wind down, maybe read a chapter or two from that book that’s been on your nightstand for months.


All these little things will add up over time to improve your health. We must make our best efforts to choose more wisely when it comes to our food, activity level, and sleep. Sure, I could pull an all-nighter if I wanted, but how much stress does that put on the body?

Or how about I go to an all you can eat buffet and sit there for hours getting plate after plate? Those things are not necessary. So start by making some simple SMALL changes in your life and watch as you become a happier, healthier, more active – you.



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