Fast Food on the Keto Diet

Normally fast food and keto are two things that don’t belong in the same sentence. That said, there are times when people on the ketogenic diet get into a jam and have no choice but to grab a low carb fast food option in order to get by.

This article talks about some of the best practices to do when someone is stuck in this situation.

Don’t do this regularly!

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While there are some keto options on fast food menus, this still should not be something someone does regularly.

There will be times when someone needs to do whatever they can to get a meal, eating fast food all the time is bad, no matter what kind of diet someone is on.

Fast food restaurants have salads

Yes, that’s right. Fast food restaurants have salads on the menu. That said, there is probably a reason that many people are not aware of this. These are obviously not going to be the best salads out there. That said, they are usually low carb and can hold someone over until they are able to get somewhere to have a much better meal.

One thing to watch out for in fast food salads is hidden carbs. For instance, many fast food restaurants will load up their salad dressings with sugar. A low carb salad doesn’t loses its purpose if the dressing has 33 carbohydrates in it.

Obviously a salad from a fast food restaurant isn’t a delicious option, but that’s okay. This isn’t about that. This is about getting enough food in your belly to get you to your next meal. A salad can do that.

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Bunless burgers are a great option

Most people think about burgers and they think of a bun and immediately rule out the burger as an option. That’s a bad move! Many fast food restaurants offer burgers for around a buck. Order two or three of them and either tell them to toss the bun or wrap it in lettuce. This is a good enough meal to hold someone over until their next meal.

One thing to be cautious of when ordering a bunless burger is ketchup. While the meat, cheese, veggies has very low carb, ketchup is loaded with sugar and also loaded with carbs. Putting mayo on the burger is a much better option. Little to no carbs and also helps to fill you up. It brings fat, just what is needed on the keto diet.

Get the fast food mobile apps

The mobile apps at the fast food chains are amazing for people on the ketogenic diet. It makes it easy to customize all of items that are ordered. Instead of being a pain in the neck with the article with ten modifications, simply pull up to the window and let the cashier know you are there to pick up an order from the mobile app. It’s as simple as that.

Another perk of the apps is that there are many opportunities to uncover hidden gems in the menu. There might be a salad that you didn’t even know existed on the menu and thanks to having the app and being able to see all of your items you can now discover it on the app.

There is hope with fast food on the keto diet

Don’t just cave in and eat a burger (with bun) and fries, just because you are hungry and don’t have anything to eat with you. With the tips above you can survive.

Just to get you started, here are a couple of guides to help people in two of the largest fast food chains in the United States.

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As discussed above, there are many low carb fast food options out there. Remember, consider all your options, go bunless and don’t make this a habit. Stick to those rules and you will be fine.

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