4 Things You Should Know About Buying Running Shoes

For many runners and fitness enthusiasts, finding the perfect pair of running shoes is the key to enjoying your everyday run. Nothing feels worse than trying to run in a shoe that is too small and tight.

The wrong shoes can also cause needless pain and stress fractures.  However, choosing a good pair of running shoes can seem like an intimidating and daunting experience. How do you know it’s the right one? What should you look for when buying running shoes?

Let’s look at 4 things you should know about buying running shoes.

1. Take Your Time, Don’t Rush

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When buying running shoes, do not be in a hurry to pick a pair and leave the shoe store. Allocate plenty of time preferably later in the day or after a workout as this is the time when your feet are fully expanded and you can get a good fit. Ensure that the shoes feel comfortable at the store.

Try several pairs and choose the one that gives your feet adequate room. Remember, if the shoes don’t fit right, they won’t be comfortable for running.

2. Know Your Foot Type

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Before buying running shoes, you will need to know your foot type and the gait you have. The wrong shoes will always cause blisters, calluses, and corns and they can even alter the way you walk or run. Supination, also known as under-pronation occurs when your feet roll outwards during normal motion. This means that the outside of your feet will carry all the weight of your body.

When buying running shoes, it is important to make an informed decision in order to avoid injuries.  If your feet are supinated, ensure that you get the right arch support in order to enhance your gait. Comfort and breathability are of paramount importance. You do not want a shoe that gets too hot and sweaty as it could graze your skin. Always have both your feet measured. If you wear orthotics, bring them along as well.

3. Consider Your Fitness Level And Training Regimen

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Two important questions you will need to ask yourself before buying running shoes are; what will you use the shoes for? And what is your training regime? If you are a new runner, you will need to buy running shoes that are more protective to avoid the risk of injury.

If you are a mileage runner with a tight training regimen consider getting multiple pairs of shoes for the road runs and the tracks. The most comfortable shoes for supination are the ones that offer extra cushioning and improved stability for both tracks and runs.

4. Cheap Is Indeed Expensive

Running; image source: pexels.com

One important thing to know about buying running shoes is; cheap is expensive. The best running shoes do not come cheap. Invest in quality shoes that are durable, supportive and protective.

Quality shoes will safely cushion your feet and enable you to enjoy your running. It is better to spend more on a decent pair of running shoes than to opt for a bargain that you will soon replace.


There you go; 4 things you should know about buying running shoes. Looking to buy Supination shoes? Sneakerised has reviewed the best shoes for supination in 2018. Check out sneakerised.com for footwear that will benefit your supinating feet.


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