Wholesale Face Masks USA: How Do These Protect You From The Virus?

The usage of face masks is primarily to control and prevent the spread of viral respiratory diseases. Did you know that wearing face masks is not a new thing? In fact, it’s a norm in some cultures where individuals with respiratory infections use masks to reduce transmitting diseases to other people.

However, since the rise of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the use of face masks has become a popular practice and, in some nations, a mandatory requirement when in the public space.

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The most common masks used today are surgical masks, N95 respirators, and the widely used reusable masks available at wholesale face masks USA.

During this pandemic, it’s of vital importance that medical personnel and those who show signs and symptoms of COVD-19 wear a face mask. As the pandemic continues to spread, countries are now recommending everyone in the public space to wear face masks.

The reason for this is that the masks will protect and stop the spread of the virus, allowing everyone to live a healthy life and soon go back to normal. But how exactly does a face masks protect you from the virus?

How Face Masks Protect Your From The Virus

To understand the protection mechanism behind the face masks, it’s prudent to first internalize how a virus can be transmitted:

  • Virus transmission mechanism: Direct contact with contaminated surfaces, contact with infected persons, and respiratory droplets are the primary means for transmitting the virus. Inhaling viral droplets that are exhaled through talking, coughing, or sneezing is the most common form of viral transmission.

The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies droplets from sneezes and coughs as heavy to the point that it can’t get past one meter. The droplets are also large that they cannot get through face masks.

Now that you know how viruses of the most kind can be transmitted, this is how a face mask can protect you from such transmissions:

  • The working mechanism of the face mask: Face masks prevent exhaled viral particles from reaching the wearer. Take note that the effectiveness of face masks depends on the material used to make them and the number of layers. Cloth face masks, recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), are effective in preventing the Coronavirus droplets.

Why Should You Wear A Face Mask?

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A significant number of people with COVID-19 are asymptomatic, which means that even though they have the virus, they don’t exhibit the symptoms. Because of this, it’s difficult to distinguish healthy people from those who have the virus.

Here are reasons why you should wear a face mask and how it can protect everyone’s health:

  • Protect yourself from virus infection: As mentioned, inhaling droplets is one of the ways for you to have contact with the virus. Thankfully, wearing a face mask will protect you from contracting the virus since it’ll serve as a barrier – the mask will protect you from inhaling the viral droplets and prevent them from landing on your nose and mouth.
  • Help you protect others from viral infection: Since you can’t physically determine the presence of the virus, wearing a face mask will serve as a precautionary measure to preserve the health of other people.

How Do You Wear A Face Mask?

Using your mask is one of the ways to relieve you of stress and anxiety during this quarantine times, allowing you to go out and return home feeling secure and confident. However, a face mask can only be effective if you wear it the right way. Whenever you wear a face mask, ensure it stretches from the area under your chin, covering the mouth up to the bridge of your nose.

Also, a good face mask should allow you a breathing space without irritant signs. It should also be easier for you to speak with the mask on. A tightly fitting mask can hinder adequate breathing and make it difficult for you to speak with the mask on its place.

Best Practices When Wearing Face Masks

  • Wear a face mask when you’re in public space: This means that you should wear a mask when visiting the mall, traveling by public means, or any other public spot. Whenever you visit a medical facility, wear a mask to avoid getting the virus from other people at the center, patients, and could-be-infected medical personnel. If you have the virus, you could also protect the hospital staff and patients from infection.
  • Prioritize wearing cloth masks. N95 and surgical masks need extra logistics to manufacture. Cloth face masks are also effective – using them will ensure the other masks are reserved for medical personnel and other people fighting the crisis in the frontline.


Face masks are important protective equipment against viral droplets. The masks protect you from inhaling viral by preventing them from passing your system. Wearing masks protects healthy persons from contracting the virus and infected people from infecting others.

Cloth masks are an effective protective measure for the general population because they’re readily available and made from easily available materials. Surgical masks and the N95 should be reserved for medical professionals and teams fighting the crisis at the frontline.


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