Get Rid of Sinus Infection With These Tips

The sinuses make up the part of the respiratory tract in the face and skull. A person is said to have a sinus infection when this system of air-filled pockets hurts, causes discomfort, and is filled with mucus.

This is mostly due to air pressure changes, hay fever, exposure to allergens, the common cold, nonallergic rhinitis, and other conditions that complicate sinus draining.

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Read on for five tips to help you live through and expedite your recovery from a sinus infection.

1. Check with a doctor

Scheduling an appointment with a qualified physician is the best way to ensure the pain and pressure you are experiencing is caused by a sinus infection.

You can go to your primary care physician, but they are likely to refer you to a sinus specialist if your case is anything more than moderate. Going straight to a sinus clinic, such as, will likely provide you with more informed advice.

2. Stay hydrated

When the body is supplied with enough water, its ability to fight antigens increases. Normally, eight glasses of water is enough to see you through the day, but you would need to drink one glass every two hours if there is a sinus infection in the mix.

Water can massively complement your treatment plan, as it enables the body to eliminate the agents behind viral infections.

3. Add immune boosters into your diet

Ginger, garlic, and onions are all great immune boosters and a crucial part of a sinus infection patient’s meal plan. Take at least 300 mg of pure garlic extract or 2-5 grams of whole garlic each day, and, if possible, add ginger tea to your diet schedule.

Honey has also been shown to add to the body’s fight against infections as it is packed with antioxidants, which have antibacterial and antifungal properties.

4. Hum

Humming is a known relaxation technique, but that’s not where its benefits to your body end. According to a group of Swedish researchers, humming for at least one hour each day can help clear the sinuses and reduce sinus pain.

Apparently, it increases airflow and nitric oxide levels in the cavities, significantly reducing sinusitis risk. It is both a preventive and curative technique suitable for anyone suffering a blockage in the upper airways.

5. Try aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is an age-old way to treat sinusitis. Oils such as eucalyptus and peppermint can help open up your upper respiratory tract, eliminate pressure, and drain the mucus. According to a study, the cineole in eucalyptus can speed up recovery for individuals with sinus infections.

You can put essential oils in a humidifier, though there are many food-grade oils out there that you can buy. When using oil, rub a drop of it on the palates of your mouth before drinking water.


A sinus infection is likely to go away on its own within ten days, but there is no point living through all the pain and discomfort when you can end it sooner.

Use the above tips and adhere to your doctor’s treatment plan to ease your sinus infection symptoms.



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