How Can Quality Office Equipment Improve Your Productivity

If you are one of the lucky ones who don’t have to work for a living, well – good for you; but the rest of us mortals go to work at least five days a week, and as much as we hate it – the time spent at work makes for a significant part of our day.

This is why there is no reason not to try to make our working environment more pleasant. Besides, it’s been proven that investing just a little effort and money in comfort at work (even if it is a small detail, such as switching to more comfortable office chairs) actually optimizes the productivity!

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Apparently, the ability to be focused and efficient depends on how comfortable you are at your workplace. Plain sitting in front of your computer will get the job done, but how you will feel afterwards, depends significantly on your working environment.

Am I Doomed if I Work in an Office?

Long periods of sitting can cause serious health issues, such as chronic cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, severe back problems, etc. What you can do, besides introducing habits like standing up on every 30 minutes or doing a few crunches, is to try to help your body by investing in some of the following interesting types of office equipment.

Sometimes, it is not enough to renovate an entire space. Always take into consideration that decoration isn’t sufficient when it comes to comfort. Considering a strategic location is a crucial factor. If it is the case, you might find it interesting to look at office rental options in Paris to get inspired.

Ergonomic Chairs

Bad posture is becoming a major health issue. Perhaps evolution will take its toll, and some future humans will be born with scoliosis as normal condition, and we’ll be able to sit all day long. But perhaps we shouldn’t challenge the fate just yet; perhaps, it would be easier to replace our uncomfortable office chairs with ergonomic ones. When choosing your new chair, keep in mind that it should have lumbar support, seat depth adjustment, and tilt mechanism.

This way you can adjust the height and back positions so your spine is fully supported and your entire body is properly positioned. You will automatically feel better on so many levels, and who knows?! – perhaps your office hours will suddenly pass faster.

Exercise Balls as Chairs

Pilates or exercise balls have become popular piece of equipment in offices around the world, but there is more to it than being trendy. When sitting on an exercise ball, your body is trying to remain balanced and is constantly activating large muscle groups, which can all prevent common back pain.

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Standing Desks

Standing desk or stand-up desk, allows you to stand up comfortably while working. They come in different styles and shapes, but all have the same goal – to improve the comfort of their users. Some researchers indicate that standing lowers the risk of obesity, blood sugar levels, heart disease, back pain, etc. plus it also improves the mood, energy, and productivity.

There are several standing desk options:

  • Height Adjustable Desks – Highly functional, these desks enable quick and easy change of the height of your work surface, allowing the user to alternate between standing and sitting. Some of them come with electronic motors, but there are also models which use gas lifts or counterbalance mechanisms.
  • Adjustable Add-ons – You can put this standing desk model on your existing desktop. This is a pretty good option which also comes in different shapes and styles. The only problem is that they occupy most of your desktop.
  • Astronaut Desks – Now, these are dream-come-true desks! Not only do they allow you to choose between sitting and standing, but you can also recline like an astronaut – the monitor following, of course!
  • Treadmill Desk – Imagine stepping into an office where the employees work on their computers while walking on a treadmill. Don’t laugh! This is actually very effective, balancing the blood pressure and thus boosting the productivity.


If your chair or desk do not have a height-changing option, use a footrest – affordable, yet effective solution which should be a part of your office equipment.

Shape Matters

Allegedly, furniture with rounded edges or curved lines triggers pleasant emotions and brain activity significantly more than square or rectangular wooden desks. So when choosing the shape of your office furniture, besides the aesthetical aspect and the dimensions, consider its shape. Furthermore, circular sitting arrangement promotes cohesion among colleagues.

Choose the Right Office Equipment and Harvest the Results

Although there are various office equipment models you can choose from, remember that even if some are more expensive at first, they will save you money in the long-run. If you feel pleasant in your workplace, you will be more productive and healthy. Having plants in the office would be like a cherry on top.

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