Prominent Health Concerns That Continue To Arise From 9/11 Attack

Years have passed since the 9/11 attack that stunned the world. Unfortunately, the impacts of the attack continue to plague America.

A large number of individuals who were in Lower Manhattan from September 11 in 2001 to May 30 in 2002 have come forth with crippling health conditions that were the direct cause of the Twin Tower attack. Exposure to toxins, dust, and debris has left thousands of individuals with terrifying health concerns decades following the actual event. These are the prominent health concerns that continue to plague America.

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Cancer: 9/11’s Lasting Legacy

A cancer diagnosis is life-changing as the devastating impacts of the illness prove challenging to treat, and in some cases, patients suffer a life-long battle. If you have been diagnosed with cancer from dust and debris inhalation following the 9/11 attack, you will be able to claim from the 9/11 victim compensation fund with the help of specialized lawyers.

Because the toxins, dust, and debris from the Twin Tower’s attack did not settle for roughly a year, many individuals in the area within the year have developed cancer due to the devastating incident. Unfortunately, the devoted cleanup crew is among the thousands of individuals that have developed cancer and other life-changing illnesses.

Lung Disease

Lung disease is another serious illness that continues to serve as a reminder of the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers. Unfortunately, breathing in the dust and toxins from the collapse of the iconic buildings has left many individuals with lung disease. There are various types of lung disease, and some are more severe than others, although most varieties are undeniably terrifying and life-changing.

Anyone that has contracted lung disease from the attack is also entitled to claim from the compensation fund set aside for 9/11 survivors. Be sure to rely on the professional representation of a lawyer to ensure your claim process is smooth.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder And Other Psychological Impacts

Being close to the attack scene or losing a loved one can result in post-traumatic stress disorder and other psychological impacts. Bearing witness to terrorism at close range can plague the mental state, and survivors continue to battle the emotional turmoil that resulted directed from the attack decades on.

Claiming compensation for psychological impacts caused by the 9/11 attack will be slightly more complicated than claiming for physical injuries and illness. However, if you were in the Twin Towers or near the scene, you will be able to claim compensation for trauma therapy and medications with the help of an expert lawyer.

Permanent Injuries

Many survivors of the attack were left permanently injured in various ways. If you were left permanently injured after surviving the episode, you could claim compensation for ongoing treatments, as well as your life-changing experience. You may no longer be able to earn an income due to your injury, and adapting to a disability can be costly, so claiming is essential to overcoming your restrictions and enhancing your quality of life.

The 9/11 attacks stole many lives. The event continues to plague the nation as a historical event of terrorism that brought America to its knees. However, survivors are urged to claim from the victim compensation fund to recover damages and come to terms with the attack and their traumatizing experience.


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