The Differences Between Personal & Bodily Injury

While often used interchangeably, there is a significant difference between personal and bodily injury. That is because bodily injury refers to specifically a physical injury that has caused wounds on your body. On the other hand, a personal injury is when you are harmed physically, emotionally, and mentally in an accident. These two categories are treated very differently by insurance companies, as they deliver different provisions for both kinds of incidents.

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What is the Difference Between Personal and Bodily Injury?

Insurance companies often provide personal injury protection (PIP) and bodily injury liability coverage. The two categories provide different amounts of compensation concerning the type of damage you sustained.

Personal Injury

When you experience a personal injury, this type of accident can be considered an umbrella term for anything surrounding the terrible results of an accident. You can claim the following damages for a personal injury:

Medical and Rehabilitation Costs

After you were in an accident, your first medical visit may not be your last. You will need follow-up appointments, where your doctor may prescribe you additional medicine or provide more treatment. If your injury caused temporary or personal disability, you would have to go to a physical therapy center and continue visits. In addition, you may require imaging scans, medical tests, surgery, and medical monitoring. All of these things add up over time, as your injuries take more time to heal.

Funeral and Burial Fees

If you are the survivor of the deceased and need compensation for your loved one, you can include more than just the funeral and burial costs in the settlement. Items that you can claim for the death of a family member include their income, their earning capacity, and lost benefits such as a pension fund. You can also include medical bills before they passed. Other items can consist of pain and suffering, loss of mentorship, loss of guardianship, loss of consortium, and more. The dependents of the victim, their age, and other factors are also considered.

Loss of Income

You may not simply be experiencing wage loss for a few weeks, but months. This can result in a period of financial instability. You can claim current and future wage loss to prevent yourself from entering this situation.

Pain and Suffering

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You may suffer a lot of anguish during this terrible malady, where your physical pain creates a lot of discomfort. You may also not feel emotionally well, as your limited ability to work and live a normal life may make you depressed. Any pain and suffering you experienced can also be included in your compensation.

Bodily Injury

This refers to physical injuries you experienced during your accident and may include additional people, such as car passengers. You may have to undergo on-site stabilization after the accident, where your life is threatened, and an emergency medical team has to get your body stable. Also, you may have to get emergency room treatment. These are the initial treatments you have to receive to keep you safe after your accident. This is covered separately for any accident you caused.

Learn Additional Information on Personal and Bodily Injury

If you have additional questions, you can click here to read more: You can speak with a well-educated attorney who can inform you on how personal injury and bodily injury differ.




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