Delicious and healthy carrot

Carrot is a vegetable that grows edible root. It contains carotene, which the body turns into vitamin A, which helps prevent blindness. And that’s not all! Carrots contain many important vitamins and other substances, and have tremendous healing effects.
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The healing effects of carrots

Eating carrots regularly will improve your overall health and will provide your body with a lot of vitamins (especially vitamin A) and minerals.

Eating carrot is also advised when on weight loss diet as carrot contains very little calories, but occupies your stomach so you will not feel hungry for hours.

In addition, carrot is also known to:

  • help improve the appearance of skin, hair and nails,
  • lower cholesterol and blood pressure (if you eat it every day),
  • contain beta-carotene, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent cancer,
  • prevents infections and is very valuable for the adrenal (drinking carrot juice),
  • help improving eye vision,
  • promote menstrual flow,
  • regulate blood sugar,
  • improve the health of the colon because it is rich in fiber,
  • help cure obesity, blood poisoning, insomnia, inflammation of the kidneys and liver and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Carrot contains a lot of vitamins and minerals of which the most important ones are as follows:

  • vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin G and K,
  • thiamine,
  • riboflavin,
  • calcium,
  • iron,
  • phosphorus,
  • fats,
  • carbohydrates and proteins.
  • 10 facts about carrots you didn’t know

    Here’s another 10 facts about healing properties of carrot (carrot juice):

    Beta-carotene: Carrots are a rich source of antioxidants, which among other things can be converted into vitamin A, which helps the body maintain healthy skin.

    Digestion: Carrots increases the production of saliva and provides essential minerals, vitamins and enzymes that help with digestion. Regular consumption of carrots can help prevent stomach ulcers and other digestive tract disorders!

    Alkaline elements: Carrots are rich in alkaline elements, which clean the blood and balance the acid-alkaline ratio in the body.

    Potassium: Carrots are a good source of potassium which helps maintain a healthy level of sodium in the body, thereby consequently reducing the elevated level of blood pressure.

    Health of teeth: Carrots kills harmful bacteria in the mouth and help prevent tooth decay.

    Wounds: Raw or grated carrot can be used to aid in the healing of wounds, bones, and various infections.

    Phytonutrients: Among the many key benefits of phytochemicals contained in carrots, phytonutrients reduce the risk of colon cancer and helps promote the overall health of the colon.

    Carotenoids: Carrots is rich in carotenoids, which helps your body regulate blood sugar.

    Fiber: Carrots contain a lot of soluble fiber which can reduce cholesterol levels (LDL cholesterol or bad cholesterol) while increasing HDL cholesterol (the one that body needs). Also eating carrots regularly reduces the possibility of blood clots and can help prevent heart disease.

    carrotsThe carrot is a root vegetable, usually orange in colour, though purple, red, white, and yellow varieties exist. It has a crisp texture when fresh.

    Eyes, hair, nails and much more: Nutrients in carrots can improve the health of your eyes, nails, hair, sking etc… It also helps detoxify your body and promotes the creation of new cells.

    Carrot salad, a healthy meal!

    Since carrot is so healthy it’s best to eat it as often as possible. You can eat it raw as a snack or make yourself a carrot salad or carrot soup. Here’s a recipe for a tasty carrot salad (serving for 4 person):

  • 1 pound scraped and sliced ​​carrots,
  • salt and sugar,
  • four cloves of garlic, peeled and chopped,
  • cumin and parsley,
  • wine vinegar,
  • pepper,
  • a few coriander seeds.
  • Preparation:
    First off, wash the carrot clean. Than, cut carrots lengthwise. Put a little of salt and sugar on sliced carrots and throw them in a bowl full of water. Next add chopped garlic and cook for 15 minutes. When cooked, put carrots into salad bowl, pour over the vinegar, add a pinch of salt and pepper to taste. At the end season with cumin and parsley and coriander seeds.



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