Seaweed nutrition – why is it beneficial?

When someone mentions seaweed, most people think about the slimy substance which gets in the way when they’re trying to take a swim in the sea. But this slimy substance has a lot of nutrients and a lot of benefits for human body.

It’s because of these nutrients seaweed is becoming more popular and is more recognizable as a valuable food source.

While some countries in Asia use seaweed in many dishes, Western countries are just getting familiar with all the benefits it has. Lets take a look at some of the most important factors that made seaweed so popular.

Seaweed and Weight Loss

Nutritional experts acknowledged the importance of seaweed nutrition in many health aspects, including weight loss. It is a great option for weight loss efforts because it has the ability to activate thyroid gland, which is responsible for creation of thyroxin – an important hormone.

The more thyroxin is released, the quicker the metabolic rate. Faster metabolic rate leads to improved digestion and the body begins to lose that extra weight.

Seaweed’s Purity

Most food we consume on a daily basis is actually of terrestrial origin. This is not a bad thing in general, but considering that decades of farming brought some negative aspects to the land, like the use of chemicals.

The soil has been degraded and is not as pure as it once was. This leads us to simple conclusion – food we get from these lands is not as pure as we believe it is. Therefore, anything that is untouched by the synthetic chemicals can produce much healthier food, and the sea is the best source.

Seaweed and Cholesterol Levels

Most health problems in adults are caused by a bad cholesterol. Too much cholesterol affects health badly and diseases like atherosclerosis and cardiac arrest can occur. In order to avoid these diseases, we should work on lowering the level of bad cholesterol.


And seaweed is a great tool to make this happen. Since it can increase the metabolic rate, it helps in eliminating cholesterol much faster and in more efficient way.

Cosmetic Benefits

Since seaweed has the proper amount of amino acids, it helps with strengthening the hair and the scalp. Our hair also benefit from biotin, which is found in great quantities in seaweed. Furthermore, scars and marks on the skin are reduced by collagen, which is maintained by beta carotene. And seaweed is full of beta carotene, which makes this sea plant a highly desirable beauty product that works on many levels.

Seaweed and Immune System

Our body functions the best when our immune system is working properly. With strong immune system, pathogenic attacks are easily defended against and no diseases can damage our body. In order for immune system to function properly, a lot of nutrients are needed. And since seaweed contains a lot of nutrients, it can serve as the best possible fuel for our immune system.

While taking the seaweed can prove to be beneficial, selecting the right type will also be essential to the benefits that can be gained. There is a particular product called Kelp Jelly Sf. It is 100% vegetarian and doesn’t have the bad smell, or taste that many consumers are trying to avoid.

In addition, some people are also gluten intolerant, and may also be allergic to soy, and nuts. The Kelp Jelly in particular does not have any of the following inside of its product. Furthermore, there are no artificial additives, colorings, preservatives, or refined sugars like some of the other sea weed products that are available today.

When it comes to learning about the many advantages that seaweed nutrition can have on a persons body the information is sometimes confusing. However, after reading this article the person should have a better understanding on why adding in this powerful sea vegetable can prove to be beneficial when taken properly.

About author:
Mrs Arifa Grebennikova is a director of Seafarmacy LTD – company that sells innovative sea kelp product in the UK.
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