Why Some People Have Difficulty Switching From Smoking to Vaping

Sometimes, sellers of e-cigarettes and other vaping products do their potential customers a bit of a disservice by positioning vaping as being practically the same thing as smoking from a satisfaction standpoint. Reading the advertisements, you might think that you could put down your tobacco cigarettes and pick up an e-cigarette without even noticing a difference.

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That, however, isn’t how e-cigarettes work at all. While an e-cigarette does deliver nicotine like a tobacco cigarette, that’s really the only thing e-cigarettes and tobacco products have in common. Vaping does feel different from smoking, and although tens of millions of people around the world have successfully used vaping to quit, that doesn’t mean it was easy for them – it just means that switching to vaping was easier than quitting smoking via traditional methods.

So, if you’ve found it difficult to quit smoking and transition completely to vaping, you’re not alone. There are a few good reasons why that might be the case – and once you know those reasons, you may find that the process of switching becomes much easier for you. These are the challenges that can make switching from smoking to vaping more difficult.

Switching Is More Difficult if You Allow Yourself to Continue Smoking

The easiest way to switch from smoking to vaping is by not allowing yourself to continue smoking once you’ve bought your first vaping device. Some people continue smoking after they buy their first e-cigarettes, reasoning that they’ll simply cut back on smoking gradually until they no longer feel the desire to do it. The problem, though, is that vaping isn’t going to make you lose your desire to smoke. You’ll cut back, of course, but it’ll be difficult to stop completely.

The most important part of switching to vaping is making the commitment that, when you get your e-cigarette, you’re going to stop smoking no matter what happens. You might experience a few days in which you don’t quite feel normal, but you have to decide that you’re going to make it work. Remember that, unlike traditional nicotine replacement, the nicotine hits your bloodstream almost instantly when you vape. There’s no waiting, and you can puff as often as necessary until your cravings subside. No other form of nicotine replacement has that feature. You simply have to make the commitment that you’re going to do it.

You Need to Use the Right Vaping Device

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If you want to switch to vaping successfully, you need a vape kit that’s proven and reliable. V2 Cigs UK is a company that carries a wide variety of refillable vaping devices, and using a refillable device is your best bet because a pre-filled vaping device typically only has a few different flavors available. You’ll have a much easier time switching if you have a vaping device that lets you use bottled e-liquids, because there are hundreds of different bottled vape juices on the market. You’re certain to find something you love. Even more importantly than that, though, you need to buy a vaping device that’s proven and reliable. The e-cigarettes that you can buy at convenience stores and gas stations simply don’t offer the same level of reliability as the products that you can buy at a good vape shop.

Switching Means Detoxifying From Chemicals Other Than Nicotine

Have you ever looked at one of those anti-smoking posters that lists all of the undesirable chemicals in tobacco cigarettes? Between the things that tobacco companies add to their cigarettes and the chemicals given off during combustion, cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals. When you vape, though, you’re only replacing one of those chemicals: nicotine.

When you put any chemical into your body every day, your body becomes accustomed to that chemical and expects to continue receiving it. That’s why you feel strange when you quit smoking, even if you’re still getting nicotine. When you switch to vaping, your body will begin to detoxify itself from those chemicals. You might not feel great for a few days, but it won’t be anything like the awful experience of quitting nicotine. You can definitely handle it.

If You Don’t Feel Satisfied, Your Nicotine Strength May Be Too Low

One of the things that makes vaping difficult for newcomers is the fact that e-liquids and e-cigarette pods are available in a wide range of nicotine strengths. You can find bottled e-liquids with strengths as low as 3 mg/ml, and you can also find e-liquids and e-cigarette pods with strengths as high as 60 mg/ml. That’s a huge difference, and the enormous variation in nicotine strengths makes it entirely possible for you to end up with a nicotine strength that’s too low for your needs.

The ideal device for someone new to vaping is a small e-cigarette with tight airflow like a cigarette. You should use the device by drawing the vapor into your mouth before inhaling it – exactly the way that you’d smoke a cigarette. When you inhale the vapor, you should feel an assertive throat hit that’s similar to the feeling you get from smoking. If you don’t feel throat hit when vaping – and your cigarette cravings never subside regardless of how often you vape – it’s highly likely that the nicotine strength you’re using is too low.

You’ll Enjoy Vaping More if You Love Your E-Liquid

When you bought your first vaping device, did you also buy a bottle of e-liquid or a pack of pods with “Tobacco” on the label? If you did, do you enjoy the flavor of the e-liquid? Vapers generally agree that tobacco e-liquid doesn’t taste anything like cigarette smoke, and there’s a good chance that you’ll find the flavor of a tobacco vape juice pretty underwhelming. Why would you force yourself to use a tobacco e-liquid that doesn’t taste like real tobacco if you aren’t really enjoying the experience? Flavor is an enormous part of what makes vaping pleasurable, and the vast majority of vapers prefer e-liquids with dessert, fruit and other sweet flavor profiles. If you don’t love the way your e-liquid tastes, you’re going to find it difficult to switch to vaping. Keep experimenting with different flavors until you find one you love.


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