How to achieve a healthy weight

Over 60 percent of North Americans are overweight. This is partially because of design. According to guest speaker Dr Brenda Wolfe, from the Eating Disorder Institute of New Mexico, humans were made such that the energy cost of getting food cancels out the food we eat.

This was true when cave men lived closer to the land and hunted and gathered their meals.

In today’s world, this is no longer the case. The convenience of a quick drive to the grocery store or restaurant has replaced the need to expend energy to eat.

Thus food is consumed and calories aren’t burnt off, instead they collect and add up to a very obese population.

The guest speaker lamented that an Eating disorder thousands of years ago was called those who survived. Now we just eat too much and it’s considered the norm.

The challenge is that we are built to eat food if it’s in front of us.
And it’s always in front of us. Over 50,000 fast food meals are served a day because it’s fast, accessible and cheap but not healthy.

The average person makes 200 food decisions a day, mostly unconsciously. We eat whatever is in front of us. Usually this involves easy finding, cheap alternatives like heavily processed junk food.

Add to this that our culture emphasizes different attributes and values that are hardest to attain. Today being healthy and skinny is no longer the norm (over 60% of North Americans’ are over weight). When food was scarce (in famine), you didn’t want a skinny girlfriend. Thus, when food wasn’t so plentiful, plump figures were more desirable.

Our Standard of beauty has also gotten out of hand making beauty unachievable to most.
The average American views 3000 ads a day. It’s interesting to note that the average American model has a BMI (body mass index) of 16 and yet only 2 out of 3 Americans have a BMI of less than 25.

Diets also tend to make us more susceptible to obesity. No wonder so many people are overweight.

The funny motivational speaker suggested the following to get a handle on your eating habits;

  • Don’t buy unhealthy foods. We eat what’s in front of us, so steer clear of unhealthy food. It’s too tempting. If you were an alcoholic trying to stay away …would you fill your apartment with vodka?
  • Have one designated eating place, preferably the dining table. Your bed should be for sleep not eating (and the other thing you can’t do on the dining table).
  • Mouth/hand rule… when you have food in your mouth your hand would be empty . Put the fork down after each bite, so food has a time to digest.
  • One of the biggest deterrents to eating properly is having really good nutritional foods ready and available to eat.
  • Processed foods can be easily grabbed at a grocery store and they will last in your cupboard for a long time.
  • Fresh produce will only last about a week. This means eating properly costs a lot more money and a lot more trips to the grocery store.
  • Building in time and money to dedicate to your health is worth it. You are buying yourself a healthier future and more energy right now.
  • Unhealthy, salty, fat laden foods overtime take their toll on your health. These unfortunate foods also negatively affect your current level and ability to focus.

Hope These Points will help you. Stay fit, stay Healthy.

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