4 Tips on How to Choose the Best Inflatable Paddle Board

There are very many inflatable SUP boards in the market today and they all look the same. However, the designs are different and have varying characteristics including how they can be used and where they should be used.

It can be quite a difficult task to find or choose the best inflatable paddle board from the many available.

This is why it’s important to take your time and put some extra effort into finding and choosing the best inflatable SUP that will suit your needs.

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Here are 4 tips on how to choose the best inflatable paddle board.

Decide the kind of stand-up paddling you need

The inflatable SUPs come in handy when you want to try out different activities such as SUP yoga and surfing. Whether you are a first time user of the SUPs or you just want a basic board to have some fun, it’s important to decide the kind of paddling that you need. A good paddle board should be large and thick, and stiff so that it can offer stability which is more needed when doing SUP yoga.

It should also be lightweight, curved and also thin to for it to be handled well when over choppy water and waves. The SUP boards are designed in different ways that suit your specific uses.

Know the types of stand-up paddle boards

Before deciding to purchase an inflatable paddle board, you will need to know the types there are. There are all round or touring boards, racing boards, surf specific boards, yoga boards as well as inflatable stand up paddle boards.

Inflatable SUPs solve some problems such as transportation as they are light and easy to transport. Decide the type you want then make a purchase.

Decide what size of inflatable board you need

The size of the board is figured out in terms of volume. The more volume it has, the more stable it will be, especially in the water.

It is recommended for the beginners to use inflatable boards with more volume until when they learn more about the sport. Those that have large volumes are long, wide, and thick, thus creating large volume.

Know where to find the right stand up inflatable board

Research helps in choosing the best stand up paddleboard. Your local SUP shop will have people or experts who will guide you on finding the best. Check on the material and price of the boards and make a good decision, one that you will not come to regret later.

There are many advantages that SUP boards have over hardboards. For example during SUP yoga, inflation usually takes a very short time, and deflation is even shorter. This means that one can be ready to start in less time when compared to the time taken to detach a hard paddle board.

The inflatable paddle boards are easy to store and carry around as they can be rolled up to the size of a sleeping bag.



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