5 Tips to Cleaning Your Coffee Grinder

How often do you clean your coffee grinder? Some people do it religiously while others wait a couple of years. In reality, the way you treat your coffee grinder significantly affects its durability as well as the quality of coffee you brew.

If you don’t clean your grinder regularly, a sneak peek inside could reveal a horrendous scene: a culmination of chaff, oils and coffee remnants trapped in regions you never expected.

It’s easy for any coffee lover to clean their favorite machine. You can get some insightful coffee grinder cleaning hacks that will benefit you immensely when handling this task.

Here are 5 Tips to cleaning your coffee grinder.

A coffee grinder; image source: pexels.com

Clean it daily

If you desire to increase your grinder’s shelf life, then a regular cleaning routine is recommended. When you start cleaning it, the hopper (which is that part of the machine that holds your coffee beans) should be emptied and removed.

Ensure you turn off the grinder first. Next, clean the hopper and then remove any ground coffee remnants from the dosing chamber or burr area using a vacuum. This procedure only takes a few minutes, ensuring that your coffee grinder is clean and ready for service the next day.

Give it a more thorough cleanse weekly

Cleaning your coffee grinder on a daily basis is great but not sufficient. There are certain parts of the grinder that require more attention. For instance, the outer burr could be covered with baked coffee grounds as a result of the coffee dust and oils accumulating over time.

During this thorough cleanse, take your grinder apart and concentrate on cleaning each individual part.

Use a brush to remove lodged coffee particles

Get a grinder brush with stiff bristles to help dislodge minuscule coffee particles that slowly build up over time. Most of these particles are held by the grinder and burrs. First, turn off the grinder and take apart the burr area carefully. Place the screws and tiny parts somewhere safe so you don’t lose them.

Use the brush to scrub the entire burr. When it’s squeaky clean, proceed to scrubbing the grinder. Wipe the dislodged coffee grounds with a microfiber towel.

Reassemble your coffee grinder with care

A coffee grinder; image source: pexels.com

You don’t need any expert prowess to clean a coffee grinder – it’s easy and straightforward. However, you’ll need to be extra careful when reassembling this machine. First ensure that all moist parts dry up before you put them back. You don’t want the moisture infiltrating the interior section of your coffee grinder.

When reassembling, simply work backwards: ensure the burr rests properly in its position. If it doesn’t, try rotating it gently till it clicks into place.

Use cleaning tablets to achieve a wholesome cleanse

Grinding a couple of cleaning tablets helps to soak up any remaining traces of coffee oils that may still adhere onto the walls of your coffee grinder. Put the tablets into your grinder and power it up until these tablets are half-ground.

Next, leave them for about 5 minutes before totally grinding them up. Dispose of these tablets in the trash.

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