Coffees of the World [Infographic]

If you thought adding a shot of hazelnut syrup was the only way to change up a coffee think again.

This interesting infographic from Westways Vending showcases the varying and fascinating ways in which people around the world choose to drink coffee.

From the spiced coffees of Northern Africa to the sweetened coffees of Cuba this ‘Coffee Lover’s Guide to the World’ is the ultimate cheat sheet for anyone who loves a cup of java!

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Second only to oil, coffee is the most valuable legally traded commodity in the world. It is estimated that 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed each day worldwide.

Did you know that coffee was initial discovered in Ethiopia?

A goat herder named Kaldi of Ethiopia noticed that his goats were friskier after eating coffee berries, and after experiencing the energised feeling of eating them the goat herder spread the word! It is therefore fitting that the Ethiopians have a specific way to enjoy coffee. The Ethiopian Buna ceremony involves roasting the beans, grinding the beans, brewing, straining and then serving the coffee.

coffees of the world infographic

After it’s discover in Africa, enterprising ancient Arab traders began importing coffee to their homelands. In today’s Saudi Arabia you can enjoy a nice cup of kahwa! A hallmark of Bedouin hospitality, the cardamom-infused drink is almost always offered with sweet dried dates, which counter the bitterness of the coffee. Similarly, in Turkey, the coffee is served grinded and boiled in a cezve with sugar.

Once served time is given to let the grounds settle and the coffee is then drunk slowly. The result is a very rich, strong coffee that’s packed full of flavour.
While bitterness and spice may be in vogue in the Middle East, the Cubans prefer a sweeter taste, by combining an Italian-style espresso shot with raw demerara sugar, resulting in a sweet brown foam on top called espumita.


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