Hand of Mercy Health Care Shares How We Can Show Support Immigrants and Refugees

The United States is a country of immigrants. Our history is intertwined with the stories of people who traveled here from other countries, seeking refuge and better lives for their families.

As we look at today’s political climate, Hand of Mercy Health Care of Portland, Maine believes that it has never been more important to show our support for newcomers in this country. We can do this by taking concrete actions like volunteering your time at a refugee center or donating clothing and necessities to those fleeing war-torn countries.

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Addressing xenophobia on social media or within your communities is also extremely important. People are afraid of what they don’t know, so it is vital to open and understand all people and cultures.

Emotional Support

Offering emotional support is always helpful. If you have refugees or immigrant friends, Hand of Mercy Health Care feels that we should let them know that you welcome them in the community by inviting them over for dinner or spending time together. If you hear stories about derogatory comments being made against new residents in the community, be sure to stand up for those struggling to find a home here and abroad. Here are some simple ways we can show support for immigrants and refugees in the USA.

Donating Supplies

If you’re looking to help immigrants and refugees in your community, start by donating clothes, household items or other supplies that are new or gently used to organizations that work with these groups. Hand of Mercy Health Care believes that a good place to start is FEMA-recommended charities that can help you figure out what supplies they need most.

Food Assistance

Many immigrants and refugees have a tough time affording food, so another good way to help is by donating unused non-perishable food to a charity. Whether donating money to buy supplies or bringing food directly to an organization, both can help those in need.

Building Relationships

Meeting people from different cultures is a way to show your support for immigrants and refugees living in your area. You can do this by inviting friends over for cultural events like international potlucks or attending cultural celebrations such as Bhangra (an art form popular in India) shows or mariachi festivals (a traditional Latin music event). Hand of Mercy Health Care believes that not only will you learn about other cultures, but you’ll also be building new friendships that will last a lifetime!

Volunteering at a Refugee Center

If there is a refugee center in your area, consider volunteering your time there. These organizations will need help with everything from filing paperwork to teaching English as a second language classes so people can transition more easily into their new lives here in the US. Your time and effort are incredibly valuable to these organizations and will greatly appreciate those who need it most. Volunteering even an hour or two a week will make a huge positive impact on the lives of people who need our support.

Promoting Tolerance and Understanding

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Each year, nearly a million people move to the United States from other countries. These immigrants and refugees bring with them new ideas and perspectives that enrich both our culture and economy. Yet, for many Americans, feelings of uncertainty or even fear may arise when they encounter someone different from themselves in some way.

For someone who has just moved to a new country, it may be difficult to know what to expect, where to go for answers, how interactions with neighbors will occur (or not), and who can be trusted to be an ally.

It is the responsibility of every American to help support and welcome new immigrants and refugees into our country. The United States has a long history of welcoming newcomers, but we must be vigilant to maintain this tradition for future generations.

Don’t Stay Silent

In the USA. It’s easy to believe that your voice isn’t important when it comes to giving support to immigrants and refugees in the country. Still, you can make a huge difference by speaking up and out about what is happening within your community. Social media is a powerful tool that people use to spread fear and misinformation about minority groups. If you see derogatory comments on Facebook or Twitter, be sure to speak out against them, so others know they aren’t alone!

Calling Your Representatives

You can also make a powerful impact on immigrant and refugee rights by speaking directly with your local representatives. Call them, email them, or visit their office during business hours to express your concerns about how people are being treated in this country. Not only will you be making a difference today, but the chances are that officials will remember you when it comes time to vote again!

Show Support

It is more important than ever to show support for immigrants and refugees. The best way you can do that is by donating your time or resources to a local organization working with these populations in need, building relationships with people from different cultures. You can also volunteer at refugee centers when possible and promote tolerance through listening without judgment. The most important thing we can do is speak up against derogatory comments made about minority groups. Finally, consider calling your representatives if you feel strongly enough about an issue, so they know their constituents care!


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