3 Things to know about Improving Sleep by using custom Ear Plugs

Getting ample sleep at night is essential for your body to function properly. Doctors recommend around seven to eight hours of good-quality sleep every night. Unfortunately, some people are easily distracted by environmental noises and this interrupts their sleep significantly.

Wearing custom earplugs that are comfortable for sleeping will block out ambient sounds, allowing you to get enough sleep throughout the night. The earplugs you select should be comfy and lightweight.

Here are 3 things to know about improving sleep by using custom ear plugs.

woman sleeping on a pillow
Woman sleeping on a pillow; image source: pexels.com


Get some good quality ear plugs


If you struggle to get ample sleep at night, external noises might be to blame. We all possess varying levels of sound sensitivity: some people are unaffected by loud noises at night while others find minuscule sounds to be a great distraction. If you fall in the latter category, consider purchasing some good quality ear plugs that can effectively block out all noises.

According to health experts, poor quality sleep can trigger a wide assortment of health issues. These include diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and even depression.

In terms of material used, there are essentially three types of earplugs: silicone, foam and wax earplugs. Each of them have different comfort levels and varying prices. For instance, foam earplugs are quite soft and spongy – this creates the perfect atmosphere for bacteria to thrive, requiring regular replacement.

Silicone earplugs, on the other hand, are durable and can be reused for many days. However, they are uncomfortable to wear if you prefer sleeping on your side. Wax earplugs are waterproof and can be molded effortlessly to fit into your ear, making them a great choice for swimmers and light sleepers.


Clean your earplugs regularly


Every time you wake up from slumber, carefully remove your earplugs and dip them in a bowl comprising of some warm water and an appropriate detergent. Some people prefer using mild dish soap, which is still okay.

Next, wash the earplugs and rinse them out properly. Place them in an aerated area and let them dry naturally before storing them somewhere safe. This is a quick, easy process that shouldn’t consume much time. At night, ensure that your hands are clean before grabbing your earplugs and inserting them into your ears. Doing this prevents bacteria from contaminating your ear and causing a nasty infection.


Custom earplugs provide insulation from snoring partners


People who snore soundly often cause sleepless nights for their spouses. Such individuals are often unaware of how disruptive their condition is. Gladly, you can still get ample sleep by using some custom earplugs at night.

These earplugs will offer added comfort and block out all external noises, including your partner’s incessant snores. However, use your earplugs with caution. They might prevent you from hearing your alarm clock at daybreak, causing you to arrive late at work and other rendezvous. In case of emergencies, the earplugs could also reduce your ability to discern what’s going on.

These are a few unique ways that custom earplugs can help improve your quality of sleep.



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