How To Lose Body Fat

This is the question we all ask ourselves probably, especially if you have recently decided to take up a better health regime in the new year, with your new year new me resolution.

If you are particularly conscientious about your body fat composition for competing purposes, or you just have a little bit left to cut, to make those abs show, these tips may actually come in handy. Sure, diet and exercise are hugely important, but sometimes you do need that extra push

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So, what is the solution? Fat burners are. Some of the best fat burners available in the UK have been medically proven to give you that extra nudge you need to find the finish line in your fat reduction efforts. So, hey, it is always worth a try, right?

Below, we have included the multiple ways in which you will be able to achieve your fat loss dreams even more quickly and sustainably. We suggest you give a whirl of all these methods, but make sure to seek a qualified nutritionist and medical opinion, to make sure these methods work with you and your body. We are all different at the end of the day!

Strength Training

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Strength training is a physical series of exercises that makes you contract your muscles and really build some resistance in the process. Through some considerable resistance, you will find that your strength capabilities will have increased significantly, with a religious practice and commitment.

The process of lifting muscle contributes significantly to fat loss, because it allows the participant to reap the benefits of a heightened basal metabolic rate. Muscle requires increased amounts of energy to maintain, so your body will immediately break down the fatty adipose tissues as a source of supply. This of course coincides very well if you choose to consume less than your maintenance of calories that your body naturally has to maintain your mass. This is an important factor that is essential to keep in mind.

Scientific reviews and studies showcased within the ‘Thinner Leaner Stronger’ book by Michael Matthews has suggested, that from just 10 weeks of resistance training, your body’s natural resting metabolic rate can increase by 7% and therefore if you remain your original calories of maintenance, the increase in your metabolism will see a weight loss of almost 2kg in the process.

Of course, knowing how and where to start with weight training will differentiate everyone’s existing muscle mass and therefore you will need to test your own individual strength, to truly understand what you are capable of and increase the mass to make your muscles work and contract and promote strength.

Protein, Protein: Did we Mention Protein?

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Manipulating your diet is another way to change your fat percentage. Many foods are naturally great for increasing satiety and reducing your appetite. We all know that those occasional snacks do not help massively when you are on a calorie deficit, do they? For that reason, it is important to consider alternatives to make you fuller for longer. Protein not only helps with satiety, but it can preserve your muscle mass, meaning you get to keep its powerful metabolic effects.

Examples of high protein rich foods include legumes such as lentils (known for their heavy density), seafood, meat, and dairy. It is always important to have at least 2g for every kilogram of body mass, should you be increasing your levels of physical and muscle training. This ensures you maintain the muscle you grow and promotes more growth!

Sleep is Essential

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You may not think that this is a big one, but it is! You cannot be exerting maximum physical effort and not give your body the downtime it needs. Sleep has been clinically proven to increase weight loss, should you have at least 8 hours of sleep per night. If you do not get those night time zees you do increase your chances of putting weight on, as apparently there is an increased promotion of cravings and high calorie dense foods to supplement the tiredness.

Did you know your body uses calories to sleep too? Yes, it does indeed! Every hour of sleep gives you 60 calories that get burned off and contribute to your metabolic rate. So, if there was any given time that we can justify sleep here, that would definitely be the reason! Sleep promotes fat loss, end of.

Vinegar is a Natural Fat Burner

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You may have heard why popular actresses like Megan Fox actually commit to this routine of drinking apple cider vinegar, and thought that was obscene and maybe disgusting too.

Well it actually is not. Apple cider vinegar has been clinically proven via multiple trails to improve fat loss for individuals that take this regularly every single day. There was a correlation between taking one tablespoon daily and a reduction of inches across the wait circumference, for all participants. However, do not go rushing to your kitchen cupboard all of a sudden, keep in mind that you will need to dilute it within a glass of water and drink it that way through a straw, as if you do not, the acid from the vinegar can ruin the natural barrier you possess within your teeth and promote tooth decay earlier on within your life.

Watch Your Drinks

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Watching the drinks, you drink is very important, why? Because they have empty calories. That huge eggnog latte you had from Starbucks will have set you back 500 calories if you nab the largest size, and well, 500 calories is equivalent to a meal! So, it really helps if you are mindful of the calories you are actually drinking, it is insane when you think of how much you could be consuming on the side without actually realising, and that all can hinder your fat loss by the end of each and every day. As we all are aware, the hidden calories will not help you achieve the calorie deficit that you are aiming for, so watch out!


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When we say cardio, we do not mean go crazy and just hit the treadmill for hours on end! That just tires you out and will obviously hinder your muscle training, should you be wishing to build some muscle mass during your fat loss programme.

Cardio has one known advantage-calorie burning and stamina. By getting on the treadmill for 20 minutes here and there, on a high percentage incline, you are not only increasing your fitness and VO2 max levels with time, you will be promoting some nice calorie burning to add alongside your calorie deficit. Also, another very fascinating fact here is, when you actively participate in high intensity cardio training like HITT circuits or incline walking, you promote fat burning at a much more faster pace, due to you using your fat stores and ATP to recover from the high exertions of oxygen recovery, when you train and long after training too! HITT training is the one thing that has been proven to burn calories, alongside weight training, long after the training session. This is called the After Burn.

If anything, this method of training is highly efficient as you can squeeze the same effect of a 5-mile run, within 30 minutes of HITT. But beware, this is massively testing on your body, so it is never recommended to do this more than 3 times a week!


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Drinking coffee is another way to increase fat burning. It has been clinically tested to increase metabolism of an individual by 3 to 11%, should you consume caffeine or black coffee regularly every day. Trails have shown that over a 12-year period, people who drank coffee, actually were not associated with weight gain and reported more satiety during the day, as coffee is a natural appetite suppressant.

However, going back to empty calories again, this does not mean to go for that Venti latte next time you are at the coffee stop, as milk does equate to extra calories, whereas a Venti Americano is almost negligible here!

Intermittent Fasting

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This is one thing you have most definitely heard of, that we can be sure of. Intermittent fasting has become a craze with many Hollywood stars because it has enhanced weight loss and fat loss. There are other benefits that arise from using this method within your everyday life. Glucose blood concentration has been proven to have been maintained to those that are pre-diabetic; therefore, making this method a perfect option for those wanting to take a stance on multiple health issues at once.

By making sure you are eating within a specific window, you are essentially tricking your body and telling it to fuel its needed energy from your reserves rather than your food. In addition to this, it may surprise you that when you combine this with resistance training, it is twice as effective, as your body needs to recover oxygen for fuel much harder.

There are many variations on the market today which exist with different intermittent fasting models, so do your research, as they are not all the same. One thing you need to keep in mind is that while you are fasting for certain periods, your chances of eating are reduced, which is ideal if you want to have calorie control. Definitely a win-win here!




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