Staying Fit with Airsoft: Why Everyone Should Give it a Go!

Airsoft is great fun, but it is also an excellent way to workout. A proper game of airsoft can be physically demanding.

You could be crawling through the undergrowth one moment, and running to take cover behind trees the next.

If you want to try an activity that is just as enjoyable as it is a good exercise routine, give airsoft a go!

What is airsoft?

The competitive team game of airsoft is very similar to paintball. Using replica air weapons called airsoft guns, you shoot opposing players with spherical plastic projectiles. But unlike paintball, airsoft pellets do not leave visible marks, so the game relies on an honor system in which people who have been hit take responsibility in admitting they have been hit.

The actual gameplay of airsoft differs in its style and composition, depending on where you play. Airsoft games range from short-term fun battles to organized and more serious scenarios. They can also be military simulations or historical reenactments.

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What guns are used in airsoft?

Airsoft guns are typically magazine-fed. Some have manual spring charged systems, while other guns are powered by replaceable compressed gas.

Many airsoft guns resemble real weaponry and have mounting platforms that are compatible with real firearm accessories. With dozens of airsoft guns to choose from, it can be challenging to pick the right one. So, check out these reviews of the best airsoft guns for 2020. If you want to incorporate weight training into your airsoft workout, consider opting for a full-metal gun that is fitted with red-dot sight, a foregrip, and a stacked load-bearing plate carrier.

How Airsoft Can Help You Stay Fit

In addition to carrying weighty guns, you could be lugging around lots of heavy equipment. Airsoft can be played with little equipment or an army-like backpack, so you are able to choose a game style to suit your own level of fitness.

But even playing with a few accessories in your backpack, you will gain a fantastic weight-lifting workout. Professional games of airsoft generally include backpacks that are brimming with heavy gear, though. You could be carrying around supplies like batteries, water bottles, and ammo pouches. After playing airsoft with a heavy backpack for some months, you will really start to notice how much your body’s fitness level has improved.

Even in an average airsoft game of airsoft without a weighty backpack, you will be moving about a great deal, as you run away from opposing players and try to dodge shots. The game is very energetic, so it is great for working muscles all over your body. In particular, airsoft is fantastic for improving your cardiovascular endurance and your chest, back, and leg muscles.

Airsoft Is Fun for All

The great thing about airsoft is virtually anyone can play it, and you get to choose at what level you want to play. It can just be an entirely fun activity where you run around in the forest with your friends.

Or you can participate in professional games involving military-like strategies and tactics. If you opt for the latter, you get to work out your brain as well as your body. But whatever type of airsoft game you play, two things are certain: you will get fitter, and you will have fun!



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