The Importance of Exercising on Vacation or Business Trip

Since physical activity is an integral part of your health it is important that you also exercise during your vacation or business trip.

Nowadays all modern higher standard hotels offer own fitness or other types of recreational facilities. Physically active individuals are aware of the importance of being in shape, especially those whose work goes beyond the usual eight hours routine and requires a good psychophysical condition.

These people practice an established routine of physical activity be it either running, playing tennis, swimming, working out in gym or performing regular exercises for the spine.

The importance of continuous exercise, even when on vacation

They are aware of the importance of continuous exercise and the dangers posed by interruption of such routine. When on vacation it is very important for them to choose accommodation that allows them to pursue an active lifestyle. You should become such person too!

So, next time you are planning for a vacation make sure you select a hotel that offers own fitness or other types of recreational facilities.

These may include:

  • Gym,
  • swimming pool,
  • tennis court,
  • running track.

Remember, any form of exercise is great so do not worry if your hotel does not offer everything. You can always go for a run around the block or by the sea – all you need is a pair of shorts and sneakers.

Continuing with your weight loss mission while on vacation

Did you recently started following a weight loss plan that is very strict and does not allow of skipping meals and workouts? Are you worried that you progress will be hindered if you go on vacation and break your routine?

Than perhaps you should book a visit to Phuket, Thailand. A company called PhukeFit offers an interesting program for all individuals who want to lose weight while enjoying the vacation at the same time. They offer a special program called weight loss retreat in Thailand which allows you to travel to a small island of Phuket in Thailand and participate in a guided weight loss program under supervision of trained and certified staff.

Here is some more advice on how to maintain your weigh on vacation

Drink plenty of water
First of all – drink water to prevent dehydration. Also, if you are still feeling hungry after eating the whole meal do not order more food but rather drink some water instead which will result in feeling of satiety. Water will also prevent a severe headache if you drink more alcohol than you should.

Beware of self-service meals
If your hotel offers a buffet lunch or dinner, be very careful with portions. All the food is very tempting, but you should know your limitations. Read this article to find out how many calories should you eat per day to lose weight.

Several studies also suggests that people tend to eat more when there is a large selection of food available so try to stay within limits.

Calculate your daily required calorie intake using our BMR calculator.

Avoid drinking cocktails
Be careful that you do not drink too many high-calorie cocktails. They usually contain lots of sugar and alcohol which means high amount of calories. Drink less caloric drinks – for example wine.

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  1. Hi, I think the biggest problem when on vacation is time. There is sometimes no time to get to exercise. The feeling that you are on vacation also does not help and if you are on a budget space do not allow easy access to gyms and swimming pools.

    All these restrictions push one to be more creative and to plan well ahead. I would suggest the following:
    > Plan ahead
    > Get exercise routines that can be done without equipment and in small spaces.
    > Know that it is going to be difficult.


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